Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farm Chicks 101

Spokane or Bust
Farm Chicks 101
We finally got loaded and on the road for a 6 hour drive to Spokane around 7 pm. My daughter had errands and last minute packing to do... just about drove me nuts I was shooting for 2 at the latest but we finally got wheels rolling under us and our little trailer we were toting. Teaches me patience.

The ride through the gorge was so misty and the clouds heavy on the mountains.

Jody did the booking of the hotel for the show, I should have known it would be one of the best in town... the Davenport right downtown Spokane, now what to do with the trailer we had behind us...
We got in around 1:30 am and parked it on the street, the kind valet said he would keep an eye on it through the  night since we neglected to get a lock for it. Talk about newbies.

 The rooms were beautiful and the sheets were like butter, I have to say I appreciated the poshness, even after the drama we caused by coming in so late with an unlocked trailer...

The shower was a lifesaver... 

Farm Chicks set up was on Friday from 9 to 6, I knew this was going to be tight. Did I mention we didn't pack a furniture truck or ladder. 
So short me, used one of our tables to stand on to reach the top of the tent, which I thought was a plywood table, not... pressed wood and yes it broke right in half and down I came... rode that thing to the floor without loosing my balance, thank you Lord! 
Now we are less one table and we were short anyway.
Set up was stressful 

We left at 6 and I had 4 bins I didn't unpack but I thought I could just use them to restock. We were exhausted and hadn't eaten all day. A nice dinner at the hotel was in our sights... the posh hotel was looking better all the time.

It was all delicious

Show opened at 9 am on Saturday for early shoppers - we were as ready as we could be... not our best displays but the best we could do with what we had.

This show was very intense for us, we did not get to shop or hardly take pictures. I quickly went around and snapped pictures randomly but did not get names or websites, so if you see your booth please
leave me a comment and I will link up with you.

Lisa Sauer, her jewelry is amazing

The girls at the Country Store were great and so much fun!

Jody made pillows with French linens

She custom makes them with your initials... if anyone is interested just email me.

We made some amazing friends and met some powerhouse women. It was inspiring. The booth's were fabulous and so creative. This certainly was a learning experience. It was so fun to meet some special fellow bloggers and their family members also!

I want to say an extra thank you to Dixie and Linda of 

They were a delight to hang with and so much fun!
(and a big hug for letting us use your truck dolly)
I will be staying with Jody for the rest of the week and then I head home. The internet is so slow there that I cannot get around to comment or visit with you. We go to Starbucks and I post there. I miss all of you. And can't wait to visit with all of you and see what is happening in blogland!


  1. Oh, my, I so enjoyed your post! I was planning on going this year but I decided not to as I would have to come home Sunday and I want to be able to SHOP both days!!!

    How wonderful that you and your daughter share the "junkin" love!

    Marsha (www.sassymindolls.com) blogger won't let me comment under my blogger ID :(

  2. I hope you are okay after that fall. You are a very brave girl driving all the way to Washington with a trailer. Your booth looks amazing and you girls look like angels dressed in white. I hope you enjoyed this show!
    Have a lovely day!
    XXXX Ido

  3. What an adventures, Rebecca!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos! I would have loved to have been at this event!


  4. UFF, I'm exhausted just looking. You road warriors are a class of their own. I don't know were you girls get the stamina. I,m having a yard sale Friday & Saturday and I'm freaking out. It is 102 degrees outside and I'm painting my heart away. This is my second ever, so much work and not a whole lot to show since people expect things in a garage sale to be cheap and beyond. The hotel looks like a great treat and you both look beautiful in white. I hope all that was worth the great effort. Blessings, Marta.

  5. Hi Rebecca
    I wish I would have known you didn't have a hand truck - you would have been so welcome to use ours... and our ladder ,too !! Next time for sure.
    Linda and Dixie are both so sweet , we do their Hillsboro show
    I'm thankful that the good Lord was watching over you in your fall.
    Have a safe trip home

  6. The booth looks so fetching. You do too!

  7. The booth looks great, just like you and your daughter. I LOVE the Davenport Hotel. My step-daughter got married there amd was it ever beautiful.......Hugs Mary

  8. Wow!
    Thanks so much for taking us along!
    I thought your booth looked great and you two looked just beautiful!!

  9. Oh - you display looks So pretty and wonderful Rebecca. I can´t believe how work is put in there and how much stuff you have had to bring. I would have loved to go shopping in there.
    The hotel looks so neat too. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.
    Wishing you a wonderful day
    xo Tina

  10. Thanks for sharing your booth pics with us. Everything looks wonderful. Hope you had a good show and sold lots.

    Love how the pillows look on the bench and in the galvanized tubs:-)

    Enjoy the rest of your time with your daughter.


  11. Rebecca,

    All of it looks wonderful, you girls, the booth, the show.
    I know the past couple weeks have been a whirlwind for you, I hope you can relax the rest of the week before heading home.
    Have a safe trip and we'll catch up on the other side. <3


  12. Oh sweetness all around...lovely photos!


  13. Oh Rebecca! I hope you gals had a very successful show! Your booth looked amazing! Show are a ton of work and it's no fun when it stresses you out! I used to stress all the time, no more! I just take a deep breath and let it fly! Of course it's taken me ten years to get to this point! lol! Have a safe trip home my friend!

  14. Hi dearest, -how wonderful your booth looked-and so did both of you-like two princesses.
    You truly had so many beautiful things with you, I love how you displayed it all,so fantastic sweet Rebecca-I so hope it was a succes. Your night in that wonderful hotel must have been great and looks so luxurius,to me :)
    Thankd for all those wonderful photoes dear, so great for us whom can`t never be there, to be able to follow you on your tours.
    Love to you-

  15. DAMN!! You are one amazing woman!!

  16. Rebecca!
    It all looks amazing, I'm so glad you had a good time! And lessons learned, I can't even imagine how I would mess up doing a show such as this one for the first time......
    What an experience!

  17. Hi Rebecca!
    It's like going home to read this post. I was born in Spokane, raised in the Portland area. I loved seeing the Gorge again, through your lens. Your booth looked magical, I hope it was a good show. How nice to be able to have so much time with your daughter too. May God continue to bless your days.

  18. rebecca, i love your comment on my post! it is so so true. i am in awe of the trip you made and your booth looked lovely as did you and your daughter. shows are a learning process. next time will be smooth as silk.



  19. I know this was a great deal of work and stress but it really came together. It looked wonderful. The hotel was gorgeous. I hope you learned much and did well.


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