Friday, June 3, 2011

Like Daughter, Like Mother...

Since arriving in Washington at my daughter's, we have been shopping and working to make handmade items to sell at
 I did not bring anything to work on as I needed the space in the car to bring stuff I already had to sell. after all that was the whole idea behind doing this.  
And I knew my daughter had plenty to create with...

She has surpassed me in my fabric collection and lace and buttons and ribbon and paper and...

And she is very generous... anything you want. mom just take!

I did not begin to show you the drawers and drawers of goodies, I was like a kid in a candy shop. I haven't created anything in months, so it was fun to dig in.

So I made a few pillows out of French linens

And what would Farm Chicks be without Aprons...

This is Cash... he is my helper!
Thank you Jody!

Hope to see you at  theFarm Chicks Show!

I am linking up with Debra at Common Ground for inspiration Friday.



  1. I felt the same as you! Like a kid in a candy store, so much beautiful materials and supplies, love your creations and that apron (the third picture from the bottom up) I don't like to wear aprons, but that one, I would wear, Thank you for sharing lucky girl!
    Have fun at the show!
    XXXX Ido

  2. WOW! What a treasure trove of supplies! Everything you made for the show looks wonderful Rebecca. I love the pillows and the grain sack bag with the aprons is fabulous too! Loving all of the ruffles on the aprons! You will be sold out in no time! Have fun creating and have a great time at the show! t. xoxoo

  3. WOW!
    I would be in heaven!
    the shot of the vintage polka dot scrim! I felt my heart skip a beat!
    I miss you here in the midwest!
    Have a wonderful time!
    Hugs from home,

  4. I am drooling over your daughters stash! So luscious! Good luck at the Farm Chicks show! With those lovely pillows and aprons I can't imagine you won't do well!

    Give Cash a scratch behind the ears for me!


  5. Oh my! What a room FULL of treasures! I am coveting! Your pillows and aprons are fabulous! I so wanted to go to the Farm Chicks show! Have a great time-I know you will!
    Thanks for sharing your daughter's wonderful goodies!

  6. I think I could move in with your daughter and never want to leave. I have never seen such an exciting goodness! How special also that you share the gift of creating!

    Blessings and best wishes for a great show!

  7. Oh My Gosh! Does she have a store? or just enough to fill one. =)

    Love your projects!!

    barbara jean

  8. R.E.,
    I was doing pretty good at holding it together until I came to the photo of all the shiny rhinestones...then Squirrel!
    Talk about the fabric of life...she's truly a leaf that didn't fall very far from the tree.
    Loving the aprons especially the bib one with the rosette. Wonderful designs.
    I hear the smile on your face!

  9. Oh my gosh Rebecca your daughter's workroom is amazing!!! I cannot even imagine getting to work with all of that beautiful stuff and it is all so organized!! WOWWW!!!
    I ADORE everything you created ~ it is beautiful!!!


  10. As much as I love creative stash , I am mostly jealous because you have not only a daughter, but one with a creative muse and fabulous sewing room. Only in my dreams..............enjoy her!

  11. Gorgeous creations!! I wish I knew how to sew! Your daughter's studio looks heavenly with all those gorgeous fabrics, buttons, rhinestones and laces!!!!

  12. Oh my gosh ! I want to get in that room and create ! She has a wonderful stash of stuff ! I love the pillows you created ! Hope you have a wonderful show , wish it wasn't so far away...

    Sharon's wannabe Cottage

  13. Not just a kid in a candy shop...the sign in the front window says
    "All you can eat free! " :D

    loving those pillows and that ruffly apron..oh my..if it just wouldn't make me look like a wired hoop skirt, it would be mine lol incentive to lose perhaps? Or I could just display and pretend..oh that's right I already have a pretend HIPS!

    Have a wonderful time, you are certainly going to be a hit!


  14. I am drooling! Wow! I am feeling creative just looking at all the great supplies. So many possibilities! Love all the fabrics and the rhinestones are to die for. Love your creations too. Good luck at the show! Wish I could come. Connie

  15. WOW the photos! Looka about like my space except not quite so much

  16. oh my goodness, i would love to get into that room and have a good rummage!!!!

  17. ooooooo and ahhhhhhhh!!!!
    that is fabulous...I seriousl was drooling at all those much FUN!!!!

  18. Your daughter must be very lucky in life to have so much stash... I don't think I could have bounght that much in my whole life time to now... Lovely to work with....

  19. Holy Moly!! You sure could never say she was swapped out at the hospital, could ya?! This was great to look at. And yes, she certainly is your daughter. Would she like another aunt? I'm available. Just saying...


  20. Makes me want to put my computer down and go make something! I bet you two are having a blast.

    Cindy Bee

  21. OMG I have never seen such gorgeous fabric's in such huge quantities!! Unbelievable! Oh, that is better than a candy shop and your pillows and aprons are to die for!! Good luck at the show, and have fun! Oh, and take tons of pictures for us!


  22. i can only way say wow! have fun at farm chicks, one of these days i gotta get there. the ruffled apron is uber cute!



  23. Trying to tell myself to close my mouth now!!! This is a dream craft room!! I love all the pics!! The fabric collection is amazing! Your creations are all beautiful!! Hope you have a great time!

  24. Oh my gosh! This is like Disneyland! LOVE those aprons, Rebecca. PLEASE take photos at Farm Chicks...bunches of your space!! I'm so glad you're getting to spend this time with your gorgeous daughter. Have fun, dear one,
    xoxo Debra

  25. That is a Heavenly Studio and so beautifully organized and well... just beautiful! I can see how being surrounded by all those lovely items would get the creative juices flowing... and your creations are lovely! And how wonderful that you and your Daughter share a love of creativity and collecting the items to repurpose into those items you will create.

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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