Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learning Lessons

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I am in my studio today, 
as I have been for over a week now but not creating or having fun.
 I have been tearing apart and sorting and putting things in bins. 
I am moving out of the studio at the Gallery. 
It has been fun but I have not been there enough to justify the cost. 
As you may know I have a studio in my back yard, it was even featured in Where Women Create a year ago. 
But since closing the shop it has been used for storage.
It is a mess!

I have been strung out
I have had one busy year and I just have not had any time to simplify my life, it is full of clutter and unfinished business. So I set aside this time to re-group and organize. 
But as life would have it, I need to be out of town this weekend and be out of the studio too. 
So what would have been a good plan turned into stress and frustration.  I have been working in heat and humidity, so I haven't been as productive as I would like and I am fighting against time.

Somewhere between things going wrong, such as putting a double tent up to put all my stuff in from the studio, so I could paint and reorganize and waking up to it being a crumpled mess from storms and not being able to move things because of a bad shoulder... 
I lost my joy.

I started looking at the problems and trying to muddle through on my own strength and all I got were pins and needles... headaches!

And then the light finally went on in my head...
Give it up and give it all to your Lord. Stop trying and let him handle it. This is not a new concept for me, but sometimes I get so head strong in what I have in front of me that everything else gets out of proportion... 

am I the only one that is so head strong?

I have to tell you the minute I did this, things started falling into place. I felt like I had gotten the winning ticket. 
My son dropped by out of the blue and fixed the tent as good as it could be... (it is now a single) but it did the trick. I made headway in packing and today my son and son in law came and moved me out of my space. 
All of it done in an evening, which I thought was going to take days.

Today I am grateful for such wonderful children and for the lesson I have been taught this week by my Heavenly Father.

I am also grateful for you... 
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Many Blessings


  1. Oh Rebecca,
    I do know how it can all catch up to you....thanks for the gentle reminder of giving it up to HIm....it always makes a world of difference!
    Thank you.

  2. Oh, you are not alone. I am SO headstrong. I love that you write about the truth. Things are not always perfect vignettes and lovely photos. Bad stuff happens. I wish I had your strong faith (it comes in dribs and drabs for me) Keep plugging along, it will all work out. Just don't stress on it too much.Its just "stuff" after all.

  3. R.E.,
    I'm sorry it became such a burden, but I'm so happy you chose to stand up and turn that trike around.
    You really do need an assistant and I wish I was there to be it.

  4. Sometimes just when everything seems so impossibly difficult, a light appears at the end of the tunnel and hope returns. I really do hope you feel joyful again soon.


  5. Hi Rebecca,

    I am sorry that you have been feeling like this, but glad, that with help things are now falling into place. May you soon be back in your studio and creating again.
    I think we all can learn lessons like this.

    Sending hugs and many blessings

  6. Life has ups and downs and we can't always have the time or space or energy to create the way we'd like. You have to be understanding and forgiving of yourself. And it will make your creative times that much sweeter.

  7. I just love you Rebecca....you are so very honest with us and lay it all out on the line ~ no smoke and no mirrors! And the beauty of that is that we all realize you are just like us...frustrated, upset, but realizing it's not all up to you but with surrendering to Him and realizing you CAN'T do it all ~ and then your precious babies come to the rescue!!! You are an incredibly talented woman and I'd hate to ever see you burnt out ~ it's great that you've moved out of the gallery...and now, you can concentrate on your creativity and not worry about all that overhead!!!! You know I wish you nothing but the best ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  8. I wish you the very best in what you are going to do in your future. It's joy that you bring to me from reading your blog & I want to continue visiting each day. I think that we always have a feeling of relief when we finally do give it over to him! Take care, Patti

  9. Hi my sweet Rebecca,- such an honest and beautiful post-in words and in pictures.
    I have been there ,too- almost giving up, and then , with help from above and ..from here, there is hope again and strengh ,too-
    I like dear Dawn-think you have chosen the right desition ,to give up a studio in town.I love I only have to cross my lawn, to come to my place,- love,that I can return to rest in my house for lunch and love to have the view of green and the blue sea from my studio windovs.
    I know you will just love ,looking into your beautiful garden, sitting there creating in a little while.
    Sweetie, I wish you happy houers organizing -and can`t wait to see your wonderful result.
    I send you love- and a kiss.

  10. So happy everything turned out to the best for you in the end Rebecca - and you´re definately not alone. Sometimes things just can be too overwhelming.
    Sending lots of hugs your way.
    xo Tina

  11. Sometimes we think too much and try to do it all at one time and all on our own. When frustration sets in, it is best to step back, breathe and let our had clear. When we come back refreshed, everything falls into place with ease. It's certainly happened to me many times when a problem comes up at work. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  12. Yes, I am head strong and forget from time to time that I am not in control and in charge of balancing the universe. I can totally relate. I hope you find your joy again by simplifying things around you. xoxo

  13. You are not the only head strong person, that is exactly part of what I've been dealing with myself and turning it over to God for direction is sometimes hard for me because I want to be in control, just to make sure you know... but you are right there is less stress and things to do fall into place when he's included! You always inspire me and this too is just another post where you've done just that. Thanks friend!

  14. You are so speaking my language!!! I do this ALL the time!!! I get so overwhelmed, and worried and upset (because I'm headstrong) then...figure out I need to hand it all over to God. Thanks for giving me something to relate to!!!

  15. Well I have a peace in my heart right now after reading this post, as I needed it! As you know we're building...the house we live in is a bit of a mess...and I have a cousin I haven't seenn in about 30 years coming to stay here for about two weeks! And I just found out yesterday that they are leaving early...like this morning! I'll just give it over to HIM but I need to remind myself to do this every morning. I'm thinking I best take my Bible upstairs to the bedroom with me. I need to read it BEFORE I get up and out of bed for the day. Once I get started I don't sit down long enough to rest.

    Cindy Bee

  16. We make plans and then life gets in the way. Your honesty touched my heart. Isn't it the best when family and friends offer to help, there is nothing like it.

    I love all of your images, they are my colors.

  17. Hi Rebecca, We can all relate. So glad God gave you strength and sent helpers just when you needed them.
    Enjoy your beautiful space!
    ~ Julie

  18. Hi Rebecca,
    Your prayers were answered, I'm so glad for you! I didn't know you were featured in the magazine, I will try and see if I can find it, some times they have extras!
    XXX Ido

  19. Dear Rebecca,
    Yes, I too am very headstrong and am often reminded that I am not in the driver's seat of my life! :) The Lord always gently reminds me and then I submit and it is so much better when I do.
    Simplifying our lives is so important. That is one thing my hubby and I are working on too. It is sure a lot of work to get there! lol.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week, my dear.

    xo, Sonya

  20. Hope you're feeling all better! Yes,we are blessed to have our children and family!

  21. yes, I can relate after so many interruptions, I had help come today to help me rescue my messy shipment room---feels so good now to come up the stairs.
    Thanks for you post--totally understand...bless you this eventide.
    {God is so good}

  22. I had to giggle a little! Sounds like some of my days, weeks and even months! But like you, I forget sometimes were my help comes from! Glad everything finally worked out for you!

    I'm trying to paint this week, already been interrupted with a couple of days at the hospital with my dad. He's fine now just had to get a pace maker put in. Trying to get as much done before my daughter go in to labor! Although I'm really looking forward to that new grand baby!

    Good luck with everything!


  23. What is it about "giving it all to the Lord" that we don't understand- I so struggle with what that looks like at times! When it finally clicks it is amazing how He works it all out!

  24. Oh yes! How true are the words to "let go and let God"....I get that way too from time to time and then usually a good bonk on the head like being so overwhelmed I think 'there is no way this will happen as it should' and then what you call a light bulb I call a bonk on the head....refocus and let go....it's amazing how it all works out then.....and so much easier. Like children, I believe if we let go of our broken toys and give them to God, He will gladly fix them. We just need to let go....

    I'm glad that the light came on to light your way in the right direction :)

    Deborah and Romeo

  25. So beautifully said Rebecca! Your photos are amazing. Happy day today!

  26. I think their are a lot of us cleaning house and painting in blogland. Maybe it's seeing all those organized work spaces on WBC. Puts me to shame!
    I know a big storm and heat and humidity will not stop you. You have your faith and your great family to see you thru it.


  27. Greater is He that is in You...God can handle all that we have to carry...even the things we pick up to carry when we shouldn't. By faith all things are possible...Blessings sweet Rebecca...Sometimes we just have to stop and give it to the Lord...No scratch that...all the time we have to stop and give it to the Lord..He can handle it all..
    Love to you...Lovey

  28. Dear Jesus - thank you for ministering to Rebecca and sending her sons to be your angels in her time of need. Thank you that you keep growing us into completion. And thank you for Rebecca - and her heart of surrender at this time. In Your name - Amen!

  29. You know I still have visions of you out in your pajamas in the pouring rain trying to save the tent and everything inside!
    I am so glad you are finally getting to do this but like all things...sometimes there are obstacles and roadblocks. We both know they are not of God. Tighten up your belt Missy and just keep swimming! I would be there in a heartbeat...just say it!
    Have a wonderful weekend with the family!
    Huge hugs,

  30. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing this very nice blog. I think life's beauty depends on us that despite its irony, it's all on how we see it. Have a happy weekend.

  31. I love reading your posts. They inspire me to keep putting one creative foot in front of the other. I decided that I am not supposed to choose between clutter and peace. Focus, focus, focus. Come visit me. I have a new blog on Mexican Tourist Pottery. Shabby Friends shabbyf.blogspot.com

  32. Loved this post - great reminder!

  33. A reminder we all need to hear. It is so easy to let the things of this life or our plans for our life distract us from daily blessings. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  34. So Inspired by your beautiful post. Now following xx Ava


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