Monday, July 11, 2011

Horton's French Flea Market 2011


We are back home from Indiana, unloaded, packed away and resting our tired feet but all with a smile on our faces. Jody and I, as you might well know, were vendors at
 Horton's French Flea Market in Tipton IN this weekend. 
A big thank you goes out to Tim and Karen Horton for this event and helping me make this experience as easy as possible. And of course to Bill and Donna Jenkins for their generous hospitality, loving heart and for just being so (dag-gum) crazy.
Donna really out-did herself this year on organizing this event, from the new vendors to all the attractions. She did an amazing job on the overall theme and design as you walk in, you really felt like you were walking down a street in Paris. Every detail was orchestrated by her hand, from the overall pallet of the vendors to the mimes putting on a show in front of the photo booth she made from old doors. Not only did the "Whirling Dervish" aka Donna make sure everyone was set up and comfortable in their surroundings but put up an amazing tent herself.

D. Reyne' at Everyday Elegance

Donna... looking through "rose colored glasses", one of the themes this year at the French Fleamarket.

Her amazing hand painted pillows, aprons and message boards.

Donna's sweet Texas rose April, came to help her mother with her booth.

The theme for her booth was "Artist Pallet".

Every detail of Donna's booth was theme related, even her price tags were paint chips.

The whole market was jumping as soon as they opened the gates, it was so festive!

The theme this year for the French Flea Market was
Le Vie En Rose
Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

Karen Kay Horton, in front of the award winning pie shop

Here are some other blog vendors that had great displays

Jackie of Shambora Studios 

Carrie and Doug of Hot House Market
Funny thing with Hot House Market, they were right next to us at Farm Chicks but due to unforeseen circumstances they couldn't make it. Glad to have finally met them here!

Alee of Damask Designs and her ShopGirls
Their tent displays won the contest!

Those Girls crack me up...

 Nicki from Vintage Farm House

Angela from Unexpected Elegance

Here are some random pictures of the 

Our next door neighbor was
 Rene's Vintage

This is Holly Horton and she makes beautiful jewelry and knitted wear

I think Donna did a incredible job of picking the vendors so there was a compatible variety of goods and displays.

I hope everyone is staying cool and I can't wait to get around and visit with you and see what you have been up to.  I have a little time on my hands today and it is down time and resting for me.
 The heat was exhausting.

Next post will be our tent at the French Flea




  1. OMG that show is amazing! I will have to check it out!


  2. Hi Rebecca~ it was so great to finally be your neighbor :) Hope to see you again soon and thanks for posting the great pics of our booth! xoxo Carrie @ Hot House Market

  3. Hi Rebecca- I bought some things from your booth. You had some beautiful things in there. I wish I had been able to buy even more, but my money tree didn't bloom this spring! LOL Thanks so much for coming by my blog. :-) Sue

  4. R.E.,
    Gosh it looks like the only thing missing! I love it all and your photos are wonderful.
    I saw photos earlier of you and your booth and I just have to ask one question. How on earth do you gals manage to make your booths looks so beautiful and keep yourselves beautiful at the same time? I always look like I've been "rode hard and put up wet" by the time a show opens!
    P.S. Donna's good...real good. I've used paint chips for tags beforem but not because I was clever...just because I was cheap!

  5. Rebecca,

    Well just look at that beautiful, smart, funny, incredibly talented woman and what she accomplished! WOOT..and you girl, were looking so beautiful that day also.

    I am just thunder struck by how amazing this show is and so jealous that I could not be there with you. Maybe someday.... and the french champagne is on me.
    Love you guys!

    Love the multitude of pics on both sites and believe you me I will be pouring over them to catch glimpses of every goodie.

    sigh..I'm just so proud to know you both. You're so true and good hearted and smart and funny and just the "bestest" as my DD always says.



  6. Looks like an amazing show. I'm gonna have to try and make it over there one time. Hope you stayed cool.

  7. The Whirling Dervish did it again. What an undertaking! You all look so cute. I'm glad to hear that so many attended.

    Carole get some rest!

  8. Weather looks absolutely perfect for the flea market. I am missing doing things like that this summer since we didn't travel to the States. But then again, we just got back from Nepal, and that was an experience and an adventure to say the least. Have a relaxing day! Tammy

  9. Hey :) So glad your feet are up & your relaxing for a bit!It was a fun weekend...
    It was great to see you again & meet Jodi!

  10. It was so mice to meet you, hope there is a next year, Thank you much for asking about Tia. Have a great rest of the week..


  11. your booth was one of our favorites........
    glad you had a lovely weekend!

  12. Rebecca ~
    Oh my gosh it looks just amazing!! Thank you for showing us the booths ~
    I would have loved to go there ~


  13. Beautiful photos Rebecca! I am beginning to wonder if I missed some of this! Where was Holly's booth? I also am spying a lot of items that were not there when I was. HA!!

  14. Dear Rebecca, So sorry that I missed seeing your lovely self. Your booth was beautiful, so many special things all with your touch. Hope to see you next time. Love, Penny

  15. Rebecca, these booths are so pretty. You are some talented and hard working ladies for sure. We have no shows like this in the south so thanks for letting me see it on your blog. ♥O

  16. rebecca, looks like a great show and that donna is a force to be reckoned with! your booth looks stunning and can't wait to see more!



  17. Wow!
    I am speechless!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Oh wow Rebecca!! this is a great posting, I love getting to see a face to some of our blogging friends.

    What a shoppers event I so wish I could have attended :( Perhaps someday!!
    Thank you my sweet friend for making the time to visit my French home your comment means so much to me coming from you!!

    Thank you for all that you inspire.

  19. Oh what fun! I wish we had somewhere that cool near me! I know you had a fabulous time. Sending warm thoughts your way! Big hugs too...Lovey

  20. Hello my sweet!
    I love all of your photos except the ones of me...but you know this.
    I am so grateful to both you and Jody for coming so far and being apart of this means alot to me!It would not be the same without you!
    Hugs and kisses!

  21. Hey there dear Rebecca!! So glad you all had a great weekend, EVERYTHING and everyone looked fabulous! Love those rose colored glasses Donna was sporting. Looks like the weather and the crowds were wonderful. Hope you can rest for a while and enjoy the rest of the you know how to rest? ha ha!!
    Yep, I'm darn pooped out from painting, but enjoying the new look.
    hugs and love,

  22. Hi Rebecca!
    It was great to meet you this weekend! Your booth was so amazing! I hope we see each other again this summer.

  23. Hi Rebecca, This looks like a fabulous show! I can't wait to see photos of your booth, Take care and wishing you much success in all! Christie

  24. Fantastic... these are the types of Shows that I LIVE for... I wish they had more of them here in the Desert... we need a little bit of France and the Romance and Vibe it evokes...

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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