Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Whites

Summer Whites,
  a welcome color scheme in the hot weather. It is cooling, peaceful and relaxing.  
Since most of us are in what seems to be a never ending heat wave, white seems to be a good choice to post on today.

My family room is through the living room and down a few steps on ground level. We added this room in 1992, I wanted it to be mostly glass and on patio level so I could enjoy my garden from this room.
We wanted it to be tucked in and to mirror the roof line of this great old house that was built in 1864.

The fireplace is a marriage of old architecture and a top to an old fireplace I bought at a fleamarket. The mirror was a wedding gift from my husband, it fit perfectly. 
The majolica tiles around the firebox is from an old house in Penn.

My collection of old angel wings from France

Right now the color on the walls is a Ralph Lauren Raffia. The room needs fresh paint so I will be painting in the fall. I like the color but I haven't decided what color yet.

This cabinet houses the television and all the electronics. It is made from old doors, old tin and reclaimed wood and molding.

This room is shaded by a huge 100 year old tree just outside the sliders, so it stays pretty cool even though it faces west.
 In the winter it gets plenty of light,  which I love.
Because of this wonderful tree we could only go so big with the room and we hand dug and poured the foundation... no big trucks could come in to compact the roots.

 And as I was taking pictures of the tree, I hear behind me... here I am grandma take one of me.

My little man enjoying his bomb pop that he says
 "makes him strong".  In this heat it probably does...
We just celebrated his 4th birthday last weekend...

Happy Birthday to my little super hero!

I hope you are all staying cool, we are hot and humid here in Chicago.  Here's hoping these whites will send cool and peaceful thoughts your way.
 I will be linking up with Kathleen at Faded Charm for her White Wednesday post. Please visit her for more summer whites.


  1. Rebecca, your living room and sun room looks amazing and dreamy..... And yes it sure is hot outside... I'm watering my yard as we speak, Can't wait to see the water bill....But I can't stand to see everything go brown. Happy Birthday to you grandson, hope you are having a wonderful day.


  2. lovely white indeed...and lovely way to display the freesia! thank you much for sharing :)

  3. I don't know what to mention first- all the wonderful whites, that sweet, sweet boy face and his popsicle or his adorable cake or that majestic tree to admire and love?
    I guess I just love it all. <3
    Happy day girl!

  4. I love it all Rebecca, I could stretch out on that sofa and be asleep in 2 seconds. Happy Birthday to your little man, he's adorable!
    xoxo Debra

  5. ...love, Love, LOVE the serene beauty dear one!
    The seashell bird bath stole my heart ~ along with your GORGEOUS mantel:)
    xo, Rosemary

  6. What a beautiful room {and adorable grandson!}. So many lovelies you've shared, but the shots of the fireplace.......I'm over the moon inspired! Absolutely one of the prettiest vignettes ever...!

  7. Your home is a beautiful haven. I just love all your things and how you display your collections. So ethereal.


  8. Oh my gosh! how beautiful that room is, I'm loving all those whites, but I also love the angel wings.
    XXX Ido

  9. Oh wow Rebecca!! Such beauty in your home! Love the Summer Whites!! Happy birthday to your grandson...4 is such a Big Age!! Smiles...I haven't seen a "Bomb Pop" since...hmm... a LONG TIME...smiles and stay cool! xo Lovey

  10. Rebecca your home is lovely your right white is a soothing cooling choice I think it's great any time of the year. Thank you for sharing

    Karena "A Loblolly Life"

  11. Hey girl! the Family room looks so cozy right now!
    I love white in the heat of summer!
    Tell Captain America "Happy Birthday"
    He is such a cutie!

  12. I love this white room with all the beautiful decor, the fireplace area and the huge old tree outside. It must be a wonderful place to relax. Your grandson is a cutie! Blessings, Pamela

  13. Rebecca, this is lovely...so calming and peaceful. I love it!

    Barb ♥

  14. Looks beautiful and I am in love with your angel wing collection!

  15. Oh My Word!!!! It is breathtaking!!
    SO may beautiful pieces so lovingly put together.

  16. This would be my favorite room in the house. Down a little way, ground level, close to outside and that beautiful tree. The perfect spot to be with grandkids and other loved ones.

  17. Elegant, dreamy whites! Those settings are breathtaking! Love the soft hues. So many beautiful pieces so lovingly put together! Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  18. Your little super hero is just toooo cute...

    And, I loved seeing your perfectly perfect room... so soft and sweet.... I'd love a glass of sweet tea right there!

    Warm blessings,

  19. Hi Rebecca,
    What an extraordinarely beautiful room, the fire place is my favorite photo, together with the angel wings -wall -such beauty , and so many special things you have collected all over-your room is breathtakingly lovely and dreamy.
    And congratulations with your little hero :) We have our family here, with another bigger hero turning 11 in some dayes, together with his grandpa...:)
    Blessings to you dear girl.

  20. Yep, hot and humid here. Hubby came home last nite from a walk and looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water on him. I am staying cool inside donning my favorite uniform -- pajamas! Your living room is lovely -- I don't think I could do white in this environment. With all the dust everything gets dirty and grimy in no time. Happy birthday to your little cutie pie. Best wishes, Tammy

  21. R.E.,
    That's a room that just calls out for white dresses, church fans, and lemonade. I love it...especially the centerpiece made from gathered bottles. I feel cooler just by dropping by.
    Speaking of cool...your little man is just that!

  22. Rebecca,
    It really does have a garden feel...so light and I love the garden pieces you have used...and then there is the put-together mantel...I always love those...it truly is a lovely space. That little guy is pretty sweet too...take pictures while you can:)

  23. Such a welcoming space and it does cool one down to see all the whites, that fire place and your
    collection of old angel wings from France are just delightful, thanks for the look around.

    Lezlee Cheek

  24. Rebecca,
    Great family room addition for your lovely old home. Beautiful old tree! And your grandson is darling!

  25. Your home must be amazing! :) This room is so wonderful. Is your flooring old too? I love your cabinet. :)


  26. Oh my whiskers - will you look at all that wonderfulness?!?! In love with the old architectural piece in front of the fireplace, with the huge old tree (remember I love a good tree to climb for emergencies), the angel wings (and from France no less) and all the lace and white on the furniture....WOW! I'm sure that "she" would love it too, but being that Dad won't let "her" do "her" thing to the living room, "she" is quite disgusted right now and would just cry if "she" saw your living room. Purrhaps after "she" is through torching the living room furniture and huge TV, I'll show "her" the pictures of your living room. But not now. I think "she's" out back looking for a blow torch.....



  27. Seriously, Rebecca.....that room needs to be in a magazine somewhere! It's just breathtaking, girl! You have a very good eye with decor and putting textures together. Can I come live there for the summer....? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  28. Your home is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Simply
    and perfectly magnificent. What an eye you have...I love the bird bath in
    the living room....I am having a giveaway on my blog to promote my Etsy shop...come on by. Have a beautiful summer Rebecca

  29. Such a dreamy room to stay cool in. I wish I could send you some of this cool miserable weather. It was nice yesterday, but the rain is back again today...crazy. We are headed over to Eastern Oregon to stay at Eaglecrest for the week and it better be warm and dry over there.

    Tell Jody to stay there if she wants any kind of sunny weather because it's the pits here in the PNW.


  30. so pretty--& bomb pops are a must for any age!!

    thanks for sharing!

  31. Your home is just lovely and I believe a reflection of all that you love.

  32. Your home,your decor and your little guy, all absolutely gorgeous..xx

  33. Hi Rebecca,

    Somehow I missed this post and I LOVE this room. I love all the windows and the way you added on a new room but used old stuff to give it character. Do you cover your furniture yourself or buy it that way? And that 4 year old superhero is adorable!

    Cindy Bee

  34. Hi Rebecca!
    Happy Belated Birthday to your little superhero! The house looks so cool, I love the fireplace! You have some wonderful linnens and that TV cupboard is very special. I feel cooler already....I live in AC these days it seems. We have been hot since May, it's normal. I do long for the cool ocean breezes on my west coast home this time of year.
    Blessings and Blooms sweet Rebecca!

  35. I found many interesting things, especially in your blog discussions. You can use a small transformation of the blog layout though, but the overall design is very good.

  36. Rebecca,
    Lovely! What makes your room different from the other white rooms I've seen is your amazing 'eye' for beautiful, unique items. Your collections are really my favorite Rebecca. I don't think I've seen this room before, it takes my, breath away.

  37. Your rooms are just heavenly. This is a beautiful post.

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