Friday, August 5, 2011



I have had my other blog now for quite some time but really the intent was to post some literature that I found inspiring and helpful in my daily walk with the Lord.
I am now changing that blog and I will be posting about once a week on various subjects and scriptures that are in my daily life. I feel a prompting from the Lord to just write some of my personal experiences and visits with the Lord. This includes struggles of daily life and the workings of the Holy Spirit. I would love it if you stopped by. I realize this isn't for all my followers but I encourage you to drop in now and then to say hey.

My first post is up and it is on a speaking engagement I had in Virginia last spring. I was asked to post it, so here it is...
 I hope it speaks to your heart.

If you haven't signed up for my give away please do so 
It will end Aug. 8
Thank you and have a lovely day!


  1. I will sure stop by Rebecca, thank you for the invitation.
    Have a blessed weekend!
    XXX Ido

  2. Wonderful Rebecca, so glad you're doing this!!!
    xoxo Debra

  3. So nice Rebecca,this is what the world needs!

  4. Rebecca -
    I have been a follower for the last few months and just grabbed your button today. Kind heart. Congrats on 2 years blogging.
    Connie (aka Lou)

  5. Rebbeca..I got chills as I read this post...I am so gald you are doing this and I will be there.Love to you...


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