Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Studio Paint

Well, I have been working in my studio this week, I finally got back at it.  So much going on here the past couple of weeks that I didn't get a chance to work on it. My daughters were home for a week and we played... 
I played with my grandchildren and I got to hang out with my girls. We even took a day and went to my sons new condo to help him unpack and arrange furniture. It was a good week.

This has been a huge undertaking anyway, so the process is going very slowly. I knew it would, but I really wanted to do a thorough job. It has taken hours to just pack everything up into bins and move it out. 
I have not even sorted yet, I have just cleared the space so I could paint. 
I decided on a light paint but with warm tones. It turned out to have more color than I thought. Paint is so hard to see in the store even when I took the paint chip to the window to look at it in natural light.  I chose this color.

 It is Martha Stewart's, Sisal in flat.

I really like it, it is a tan color with gray undertones. This may come to a shock to you but I do not like the color gray on my walls. There I have said it and it is out in the open! I like it on upholstery and fabrics and as accents but not on my walls. When I enter a room I go for the feel of the room first and paint plays a large part in that.
Because I live in Chicago the winters here are long, cold and gray and I do not want to paint that on my walls too. I want the feel of the room to be warm and peaceful. This color is the perfect compromise.

I used Behr, Pearl White on the trim.

I am going to be staying with a neutral pallet in this room because of all the "stuff" I will be bringing back into it. It is a studio and I tend to go in many different directions when I am creating... usually all at the same time.
 I will need a clean pallet. I will be finishing up with the painting today and then I plan on sewing skirting for the counter spaces on my next post.

I also will be posting on my other blog The Love of God... 

 The Lord has been speaking to me about, His connection to the creative process. Please join me.

We had another red letter day in the life of "our little man"...



  1. Wow Rebecca! the studio looks great! Such warm and cozy color!
    I had to laugh though! You and grey HAH!
    I love your compromise!
    James and Jesse are so cute gearing up fro the big bike ride! He always makes me smile!
    Have a blessed evening
    Hugs from here

  2. The studio is coming along quite nicely. I am loving the creamy neutral colour you chose. Love it!!!


  3. well you "buried the lead" ...Of course the big news is someone is now riding a bike WOOT! That look of accomplishment on his face is precious.

    and oh you did good too lol love the color..just slightly darker than my "heavy cream" MS walls which I need due to the heat..Makes it feel cooler.

    the things we do...Is everyone redecorating or does it just seem that way? hahaha


  4. I also adore that color.Chicago must be alot like Pennsylvania in wintertime lol.

    Oh I do remember my girls when they first learned how to ride a bike,I was sick ha.

    Blessings back to you!~~Becky

  5. It looks great. You know I wondered for years when my mother said she had grey walls in her house before I was born. I thought that was the weirdest color to paint. Now i like it but I'll forgive you for not....haha
    Hey we can't always agree....does Donna know? lol


  6. Looks like you're off to a great start and I can't wait to see the finished results:-)


  7. Love the photoes of the little man, how he enjoyed :)
    Your room will be very beautiful in it`s new "dress" dear Rebecca- how much fun, when you are going to unpack, and decorate.
    OxOx Dorthe

  8. Girl you are so funny! I just painted most of my rooms GRAY! I know, can you believe I veered from white! I poured over different colors and decided on the gray! And I love it! The living room is a dark gray, the bedroom a shade lighter and the kitchen is even lighter! NOW, I may be hating it in the winter but we will see! I can always repaint next year! Hahahaha!

    I feel like I have a brand new house because it is different than anything I have ever had before!

    I love the Martha Stewart color you choose! I can't wait to see you studio all finished!

    Have a great rest of the week my dear!


  9. Hi Rebecca,
    I have been here lurking for months, but this has been a tough summer. 115 degrees has kept us inside much of the summer. That means me constantly thinking up activities for the kids so they don't get bored & set the house on fire! LOL I just wanted to congratulate the winners of your giveaway. Lucky girls! I've seen your pic all over blog land these days. With Fifi! Is she photographing your home? I hope so! As for your studio...LOVE this color. I'm looking for a color for my guest bath, I'm going to try this one. I agree about Grey. I think it would feel cold & a bit sterile. There you go, I said it too! Maybe we can visit when the kids are in school.

  10. I am just starting the process of taking over a bedroom upstairs, with great light, for my studio. I love the color you chose and it is also perfect for our long, cold, dark winter days in upstate NY.
    I will be stripping one wall that is papered and putting in a new floor, first. How big is your room?
    Mine is about 10ft. x 12ft. Not very big, but the light is so much better than the basement room I have now.

  11. Love the color Rebecca. I can't wait to see the room.
    Little Jesse is such a doll. His bike rocks!!!
    sending big hugs...

  12. Great progress Rebecca, the color is so pretty. Jesse is so cute!
    Have a wonderful day!
    XXX Ido


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