Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Redo: The Perfect Solution

I am still in my studio this week and will be for at least a month, I am sure. Just cleaning it out was a major job, so that I could paint and clean all the spider webs out... this space is 271 sq. ft. attached to the back of the garage. It faces the house and goes out to the back yard so it is susceptible to  bugs. If I am in there on a regular basis it isn't a problem but since I have been using it for more storage than anything else this past year, it needed a good cleaning. 

Now that I have gone through the torment trouble of taking everything out, this is the time to do certain things I have been wanting to do for years. One of those things is putting in a floor.
 I have the original cement foundation floor... not very smooth and hard to clean and stand on for any length of time. I had painted it but I always hated it and what would I put in there?

 It was hard to justify spending a lot of money for a studio space that I paint in and do a lot of messy projects. 
With that in mind carpeting was out, even indoor outdoor, tile is just as hard to stand on, wood too expensive... which leaves me with... linoleum?
A couple of weeks ago I was in Home Depot looking at flooring and I saw padded linoleum rugs, the price was right at $1.97 per sq ft. but the thought of rolling that huge thing out and making all the cuts around my counters distressed me.  And hiring it done jacked up the price to where I couldn't afford it.
I decided to just give it all to the Lord and have him show me what to do... this whole studio project has been a tug of war. If you have been following this saga, it started with the tent...
Giving it over and taking it back, finally just giving it.
Yesterday, I finished painting and started on the skirting for the counters - which I happened to find in my stash. I had forgotten but  years ago I had bought tons of paint drop cloth fabric that I used to make slip covers for the family room. 
Anyway, I was at the point to where if I am going to put new flooring in - now is the time, before I need to bring the furniture back in.
So back to Home Depot to look again...
and this time there was a very nice gentleman that asked if I needed help... he led me to this product and educated me on all of it's merits.
 It was the perfect solution!
Allure Flooring

This is linoleum flooring that comes in tile and wood look, it is free floating and comes in approx. 3 ft sections that is easy to handle. There are many different colors and styles. I loved the wood look and thought they looked great. Here are some colors I was considering.

I went with Country Pine

The installation is soooo easy. They interlock with blue strips of glue on the sides. The glue is very sticky so you will want to place it as close as you can and if you mess up you can get it apart and reapply it.

With the planking you will need to stagger the sections so the lines are not straight across. Just like wood flooring.

To cut it, simply score it with a utility knife and snap it

It has a 25 yr warranty but if you damage it, such as me dropping solder on it... you can heat up the strips and replace one. 

The best part about this is most of the styles are in stock and it is affordable at $1.59 to 1.99 a sq ft.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with this and it has warmed up the whole studio... 
I am loving this! Thank you Lord...

I am still working on it and the skirting, so when it is finished I will post.
I am linking with Debra at Common Ground for her Vintage Inspiration Friday party.  She has a big give away for her 1 year birthday. You have to see what it is!
This project has given me so much inspiration and just to make it vintage here are some shots I took in the studio today.



  1. OK Girl, you know my first question...did you install this yourself or did your hubby help you? This is a fabulous product. I'm just wondering where I could use it!!?? I'm so glad you're having the time to get all this accomplished. you know we want to see it when it's all back together!! xoxo D

  2. This is fabulous Rebecca!!! I am so loving the look. And how easy was that?!?! I just finished laying hardwood (with the help of Dad) in yet another room and I can tell you it was not this easy!!!! This looks great, easy to install, and priced right - a total win situation!!!! So glad you asked "for help" on this :)

    I hope all is well!! And I agree with Debra - you really must post after pictures! Can hardly wait to see it all completed!!!


    Deborah and Romeo

  3. Rebecca,
    The floor looks wonderful. What a great product. I looked it up and bookmarked it, knowing "some day" it will be perfect "some where."
    Thank you for the info and the tutorial. If they knew how many people you reached, they would offer you a kick back..should I write them? lol

  4. Oh Rebecca I always love seeing pictures from your enchanting garden house studio and your lovely garden! It's all oh so pretty, I just had to pin them on my pinterest garden board! Your new floor solution looks great and I'm sure once you finished your studio it will be a vintage heaven!
    Sending you warmest wishes from Germany
    Carola xoxo~

  5. Hi Rebecca, your floors are looking wonderful, and what a great product. I can't wait to see everything completed!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Rebecca,

    Your studio is coming together nicely. The floors look great, the walls look great, the garden looks great. I'm having trouble with paint color for our basement living area. I wanted to go with a light blue shade, but I think I have about five shades of blue on the walls right now and none of them are working...maybe I need to go with a sand color. I wanted the sand and sea look in the basement. You are so right about color, it looks different in different lights. Can't wait to see your finished photos.

    Cindy Bee

  7. Dear Rececca,
    I can't tell you how much I LOVE your looks so romantic with the beautiful vintage lace curtains and, that photograph from the inside out to the garden is just beautiful. I want one now !!!!
    ......and your floor is perfect. I would have chosen Country Pine as well.
    Soon it will be the perfect place for you to conjure up some of your beautiful creations. I can't wait to see it all finished. You must be so pleased.
    Enjoy the weekend Rebecca. I expect you will be huddled away in your studio, giving it the finishing touches ! XXXX

  8. oh my i am just pleased as punch you shared ur tip about the floors. i have looking for something for my space that i could justify the expense since i to make quit a mess with my crafty-ness. your supplies are love-ly and amazing

  9. Great floors!!! I was going to suggest those carpet squares (where you can pull one up when it gets damaged and replace it) but this floor is much better!!

    Swooning over those last photos!!!


  10. Your studio is dreamy!! Love the choice you made for the floors.

  11. I love that floor, I have been really considering it for my home!!! just beautiful, I know its going to be gorgeous when you are done!!!

  12. What a sweet studio! The wall color is very nice and the flooring wonderful.


  13. Rebecca, the outside of your studio is so dreamy! and I love the flooring you chose. I have no doubt the whole space is gonna be gorgeous when you are finished with it. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  14. Doesn't it feel good to clean out and purge. Sometimes you need to start over with an empty room. I love how your curtains look inviting you inside this wonderful little refuge you've created.

    Enjoy the rest of you Summer:-)


  15. Dear Rebecca- your Country Pine, looks so welcoming and beautiful-- I love dark flores also, and have them almost all over my house.
    Did you lay it yourself,clever lady?or did your husbond help?
    Also am ooohing over the shoots from yopur studio, -so very lovely things are there to see.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  16. Your Studio inside and out is a Dream Space! Love the new flooring... I need to do a major clean and purge myself of several spaces at this ole' house... it always feels and looks so good afterwards. Glad everything turned out just the way you envisioned it!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. It's looking great! You must feel like you've accomplished so much (because you have)! I'm so glad it's coming together for you, can't wait to see the finished room....:).

  18. Oh Rebecca I love those floors! I have 3 more bedrooms that need to be done and I think that may be what I use! I'm up for anything easy! Can't wait to see the room when you get it all back together!

  19. Rebecca what a find that flooring is and the price is RIGHT. Your studio is really coming along. You are going to love having it just right.

  20. Oh this is so awesome Rebecca! Love the floor you chose!!

  21. floor looks great! i often wonder..why in the world do we give things to the Lord to figure out..then take them back a 100 times..then finally give in and give it back..and he provides the would be so much easier if we gave to him and let it be LOL..

  22. Oh Rebecca that floor looks fabulous!!! I think you chose the perfect color and texture for your floor!
    I always love to peak into your backyard and turn green with envy!! LOL! I love it all and look forward to seeing the studio when it's all put back together. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  23. Wow what a space! The outside is just so adorable. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the floor choice. :)

  24. what an adorable studio you have!! i just love the old millwork above the door and that lace curtain is gorgeous!! thanks for sharing the it too!

  25. The studio is really coming along beautifully! I am so glad you have a personal recommendation for the flooring, I have been looking at this same product at Home Depot. We have old vinyl flooring in our little weekend farmhouse and want to replace it and this seems like a quick easy solution and cost effective to. I think I will go back and take another look after seeing how great it looks in your studio. Keep up the great work and can't wait to see the finished product!

  26. Hi Rebecca, The floor is great, can't wait to see the finished...well is a studio ever finished? Like us, a work in progress. Love, Penny

  27. I am inspired by keeping up with the process and progress of your studio project. We have several thing to get done here and your flooring may be the perfect solution for our downstairs guest room. Have a great week

  28. I think that flooring is just what I need in my garden shed. I'm going to stop by Home Depot on my way home from the office today. So excited!!

  29. R.E.,
    Once again He speaks to me thru you! I've dragging my feet on my guest bedroom 'cause the floor is so ugly and I just couldn't figure out an inexpensive wayt to fix it. Wahla! He provides the answer. I had seen this product and was curious about it, but you answered my unasked questions. Thank you!!
    P.S. Don't be surprised when you start getting a gazillion questions on "how-to" from me.
    P.P.S. I love your selection and I think that's the one for me. are such an inspiration.

  30. Wauw, the studio looks great, lot's off work buth it simply looks beautifull.Can't wait to see the finisch,
    love from Belgium,

  31. We used the same stuff on the floor when we redid my husband's office and he really likes it. I have a cement floor in my studio, and you are right, it gets tiring if you are standing much. But I am so messy, I kind of like having a no care floor. So, I just sit a lot instead of stand!

  32. Your floor looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the studio reveal!

  33. Thank you for this information and tips! I would definitely give this a try! Twyla

  34. I love the outside of this house. So refreshing and relaxing.


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