Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer's End

I am still here... 
Summer has some how slipped by me, it feels as though I just got back from Washington but that was early spring! I took a week and went to Minnesota to spend a little time with my daughters and mother. Jody and I went and brought Jesse with us. It went by so quickly.  My two little Minnesota princesses Sophie and Savannah are starting school next week. I can't believe how they have grown. We spent a day at the beach and celebrated Jody's birthday. The beach is at my mom's and I spent most of my youth there. 

Mother made a birthday pie.

This week it feels like fall is in the air, it has been cool at night and the sun is warm but the air fresh. There is even a hint of burning wood in the air. I finished the floor in the studio and love it.
Now I am working on pumpkins, pillows and wreaths to take to the Kane County Flea Market
 this weekend. I will be selling there until Christmas.
The studio is still empty but I needed to work on hand made items to sell this weekend and then I will start putting furniture back into the studio. I will post on my progress next week.

I am linking up with my friend Kathleen for White Wednesday at Faded Charm   I love looking at all the white inspiration...

Hopefully I can visit with all of you next week, I am sorry I have been a bad blogger. I am hoping next week will not be so busy.
Many Blessings


  1. I love your pumpkins...nice to see you back in blogland...have missed you :)

  2. Looks like you've been busy a girl. Love everything especially those pumpkins. Where did Summer go? Seems like we just met up a few days ago. Is Jody still staying with you? The weather never really did get very nice this whole summer:-( But I am counting my blessings with all that those on the East Coast have been going through.

    Take care and good luck at your sale.


  3. Your sweater pumpkins are sure cute! You make the loveliest things. Hope you come for a visit. My dress form is wearing a new outfit.


  4. Those sweater pumpkins are darling! Can't wait to see them. Hopefully, it'll still be lovely weather this weekend. - Kathy

  5. Oh your pumpkin sweaters are so much prettier then the ones I make! I love all the embellishing!

    bee blessed

  6. Looks like you have been very busy and had lots of fun! Love your pillows.
    XX Marga

  7. Dear Rebecca,
    What a lovely time you must have had with some of your family.....and, I think that the children have a look of you about them.
    You have obviously been working very hard to get ready for Kane County Flea Market and, I expect you will be working even harder to get everything finished.
    You mustn't worry about visiting blogs.....real life is much more important don't you think ?!! XXXX

  8. Lovely pumpkins and pillows.


  9. too cute!
    The sweater pumpkins and pillows are so much fun!
    Really puts you in a Fall mood
    Have a great time this weekend!

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh how lovely it all is...you have definately given me some great inspiration... Are you going to be vending at nada farms this october... or at tipton this september?

  11. Love those little pumpkins... I just wrote the same thing... I'm Still Here....

  12. Hmmm, not sure if my comment went through, if this is a dup just delete :)

    Wonderful photos and what a fun time!! Our Boxer girl Sophie does not like the water :( She runs from us when we put her in the pool LOL Matter of fact, none of our boxers have liked the water!

    I just ♥ your pumpkins!!! They'd go perfectly in my living room!


  13. Loving the sweater pumpkins! Did someone say PIE? Yum!

  14. your pumpkins are gorgeous!

  15. I am so happy seeing pumpkins and fall colors and sweaters ( especially if they are round sweaters). Fall is my happy time, the precursor to the holidays the very best times because I am with the kids.
    Your pumpkins are wonderful and I know your fans will love seeing you back at the market once more.

    Happy Wednesday Rebecca!

  16. Beautiful sweater pillows! Love the muted colors. Visiting from White Wednesday.

  17. So beautiful! Your family and the sweater pillows and pumpkins. I'm checking out the thrift stores this afternoon!!

  18. Love your pumpkins Rebecca - they are just awesome. What a great idea.
    Have a wonderful day
    xo Tina

  19. Hi dear,-
    Yesterday I took a look at your blog, to see if I missed a post,because I missed you !- but then you are here today, :))
    Rebecca, the pumpkins are so wonderful, I love the knitting used for them- and the pillows are also sweet,and looks so cosy --I have made pumpkins ,too, but till now only in fabric-
    maybe I should look after some old sweaters.
    Hugs and love from Dorthe

  20. I love these pumpkins ! I hope you don't mind if I try them .

  21. Welcome back Rebecca.Oh my your things are just tooooooooooo cute lol.Seriously love everything ha.Looks like you had a nice time,glad your back.

    Happy Thursday ahead!

  22. I am in LOVE with your pillows, pumpkins and wreath. I need to make that trip to the Kane County fair...I say it every summer and never go! First Saturday of every month, right?


  23. OK now you have me wishing for some old sweaters in the right colors to make pillows and pumpkins. So cute.

  24. I just love those pumpkins from old sweaters! Why is it I only find the ugly old sweaters? lol

  25. Hey Rebecca- I will miss you this weekend but Judy will be at Kane if you get a chance to get out and about...awe have a giveaway on thr blog if you stop by...Blessings- Anita

  26. Such great photos of all the kiddos, Glad you were able to spend some wonderful quality time with them all. Your sweater pumpkins are just adorable. Love everthing you create!! Have fun at the flea, take some pics OK?
    love ya bunches, D

  27. It's a happy family activities. I felt envy towards this kind of outing 'cause I haven't done this yet in my whole life.

  28. Wow, those pillows and pumpkins are beautiful Rebecca!
    Wishing you a great holiday!
    XXX Ido

  29. ah shucks...it’s alright. Your work is just beautiful..wondering how you make those pumpkins. are they sweaters? you don’t knit all that do you. Kane would be fab this weekend...wish I was there.

  30. Where is the place you are selling your products? I'd love to visit if I'm anywhere nearby. Thanks.

  31. LUV the sweater pumpkins and pillows, Rebecca! I saw your new floor in another post- what a great look it is~ I've worked a small project with the ASCP and think it just takes practice. I think it was because I'm such a perfectionist that I kept re-working the paint~ guess I just need to go with the flow and a little imperfection! LOL

  32. If these are made from old sweaters and sweater sleeves....clever, girl! SOOOO pretty and huggable looking!


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