Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall in the Air and Mud

Well, we turned the heat on last night... a little early this year but temps dipped into the 30s here in Chicago. I hated to do it but I couldn't listen to the complaining anymore from the household. I had to admit it was cold and damp in this old house. September is usually warm still, so we will be back up into the 80s again soon.

I will be linking up with Debra at Common Ground for her Vintage Inspiration Friday. Thank you Debra!

I have been working and working outside on my studio. Trying to empty the tent and haul from the garage all my stuff. 
It was a little overwhelming and at times had me wondering what had I been thinking to keep all this for so long... so it felt good to throw and get rid of. 
The last few days I have been slowed down by eye surgery, a cataract that had needed attention for some time now. So another thing crossed off my to do list and I can keep walking through mud. That is what it feels like sometimes.
Walking through mud.
The kind that keeps you in one place when you want to move on, the kind that tires you out with every step, 
the kind that keeps you from your destination even though you can see it clearly.
Walking through mud... is sometimes what you have to do, as long as you  don't get stuck... as long as you keep moving.
So here is my mud...

The studio with all my stuff... trying to find a place for it all.
 Trying to make it look good while still being functional.
 Balance for me has always been hard.
I tend to overdo...

I want the emphasis to be on function here.

But I am a visual person... I can't put things away with labels,
I need to see to be inspired. I like lace piled high and buttons spilling out... but it has to be in an artful way.

So I am torn between art and function
Keeping it simple 
having too much stuff to do so.

Keeping my family close... my grandmother on her wedding day. She had a double wedding with her sister.

This is my mud...
finding creative ways to organize, while still having it look artful 
and inspiring.
Trying to keep it simple is so complicated...
staying focused...

I am still working on it, I will take pictures and post it when I am finished.


  1. wow! your studio if fantastic- I would never want to leave it!
    thanks for the inspiration...


  2. Love, love, love your studio. You could be in the magazine Where Women Create!! I am a professional organizer and my mouth just fell open at how beautifully everything is organized as well as all the beautiful things you have!!!!!!!!!!!!I am now a follower as I don't want to lose track of you! And I put you in my Delicious. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space!

  3. My designer galoshes would be necessary to trample through this
    "mud room" I understand the difficulty of the process, since I do it daily but oh the presentation you have achieved is so worth it.
    Looks great girlfriend. no,....wonderful and fabulous .. <3

  4. Oh Rebecca,
    Trust me on this one, you don't walk alone in this fight! And yes, some days that's just what it seems have gobs of gorgeousness in your space and I so get the look your're after! Is it too much to ask that we see all our beautiful things.....all at the same time?
    You've done a wonderful job so far, it's all so inspirational. Thanks for sharing your studio with us. It's stunning!

  5. I know it's a lot of work to go through all your things and organize everything. I'm impressed! I feel so lazy seeing everything your doing even after cataract surgery!! Then you even had to turn on the heat....already. You've got spirit. Oh well if I had a lovely work space with all the interesting things around me I think I'd just sit there and stare at all of it with a cup of tea. Looks like a slice of heaven to me.

  6. Your studio is beautiful, I wouldn't change a thing! Eye candy that make the mind wander and want to create something wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I would like to run my fingers thru all that function:) wow Rebecca it looks amazing. You have hit the right cord of beauty and function.

    ps plus it would be a shame to put those pieces in a drawer unseen!

  8. I have days where I feel like I am walking through a lava lamp. I think I understand how you feel. Sending prayers your way.
    I am utterly enamoured of your style. Utterly!

  9. Hi Rebecca, your studio is beautiful, love all the vintage goodies. I do understand where your coming from, balance is something that I want so badly but never seems to happen, but I will continue to try. Can't wait to see pictures of your studio when your finished with it. Wishing you a lovely weekend!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  10. Rebecca, I've always loved your style. There are all sorts of things that I treasure and I can't bear to have them stuffed away in bins and closed doors. You're doing just the right balance. Perfect! God speed.

  11. Rebecca..I could help you solve this problem by taking some of your beauties and putting them up at my house. LOL. I am sure you will find your balance with this. I remember when you were doing your prayer nook and how wonderful it turned out. :)

  12. And artful it is dearest Rebecca- oh you are blessed with so many gorgeous pieces of all kind of beautiful things- they should surely not be hidden away in boxes ,with labels on-
    like this ,whereever your eyes fly-you see amazing beauty and inspiration-
    about the mud...I know about that- -the will is there,-you strive-but it can take forewer to walk through...
    The fhoto of your grandmother and sisters wedding is a treasure, how elegant they all looks.
    Warm big hug-and love.

  13. I love you ideas. It's creative and those old picture of your grandmother was a hidden treasure that must be keep. :D

  14. Rebecca I pray i can get that organized once into the new house... I just adore ur space and all the vintage goddness that is overflowing ....

  15. Your piling it high is just beautiful to me. I find it very difficult to edit my things to. More is more sometimes. hugs♥O

  16. I've enjoyed this post so much today, thank you!
    I have pinned quite a few photos for inspiration as well!

  17. your studio is so amazing...I just love it all...
    So beautiful...and can I shop your shelves? Cuz I could empty quite a few of them for you...
    thanks for sharing...
    I am in studio envy...

  18. Oh, Rebecca, when I look at all the fabrics and laces and threads...oh my! I'd love to join you there and sew!

    I'd like to trade you for our mud, real mud! Oh dear! A garden full of it after rain, rain, rain! Boots that need to be scraped and go squish, squish as they walk across our newly seeded lawn!

    I think I like your mud much better! :-)


  19. I'm amazed by how much and how beautiful "stuff" you have and I'm green of envy about those temperatures!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    XXX Ido

  20. Now I know why your daughter's studio is the way it is. That beautiful little apple fell right from your tree! Such a gorgeous space, I'm inspired just seeing the photos. so glad you're making progress, and that you were able to make time to have the surgery! Don't work to hard my dear friend, lots of love, D

  21. What a beautiful, beautiful mess Becca sweet!!! I laughed at the comment up there about how you should be in WWC! I still want you to autograph mine!
    I HAVE to have it where I can see it or I just buy more. If this is mud...I want mud!!! (but I really do get what you mean) sometimes it has the power to weigh us down until we can't even breathe.
    Sheer beauty in every picture!!!
    love ya...

  22. Looks like it's all coming together! A lot of work there, but I love it!

  23. Rebecca, it looks gorgeous. The pictures are gorgeous. I think you are finding the balance you need. Your treasures (and my are there treasures!) are being beautifully displayed. It is very appealing. I love it. Enjoy it. Don't pressure yourself too much to make it perfect. Then you won't want to create and make a mess. It is good to clean out and reorganize once in awhile. I hope this chore turns to inspiration for you. I love what I see!

  24. Hi Becca! I understand completely...overflow...that should be my middle name. I don't labels...I'm visual too but am running out of space...ugh...Hugs and can't wait to see that old sewing machine!

  25. I know exactly how you feel Rebecca....and your "mud" looks great! Very functional, yet appealing. I wish I had more time to go through and sort everything out. I'm hoping as the cooler weather sets in.

    Hope everything went well with your surgery.


  26. I always love to visit your blog Rebecca, because you are just so darn inspiring! Everything is beautiful. I agree with Marilyn, if you haven't been featured in "Where Women Create" you should be! Have a wonderful Sunday, Marcia

  27. Hi Rebecca

    I am overwhelmed with all of your gorgeous possessions. Please do not put them away. Just look at them and enjoy and post pics like now so that we can all enjoy. I poured over it all.

    Your Grandmother's wedding pic is so nice to have and be able to show.

    I hope to make Kane county in Oct. When you get a chance will you email and tell me where exactly you will be. I was there in July and had no idea you were there.

    Take life easy and enjoy what you have.



  28. I love it all! Who needs simple! LOL. If you haven't already you should add your picks to the Vintage Studio Flickr Group.

  29. Hi Rebecca, I hope this finds you well and that you had a wonderful summer, oh your studio is so beautiful. You have the most beautiful things, I could just look at your pictures all day. What a beautiful place to create, so inspiring. Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing. Hugs, Terri

  30. It certainly HAS been WAY too cold for Sept. here! I too have had the heat going to take the chill off the house. Sad. Love all of your mud . . . how lucky you are to have so many beautiful things and such a great space to create!

  31. Looks like your mucking through this quite beautifully!
    Always love the vignettes you create in your spaces!
    Keeping you in my thought and prayers...have a fun and productive week getting ready for the weekend!
    hugs and much love from here

  32. Lordy, lordy... what fabulous eye candy you've got surrounding yourself!! I'd love to be stuck in that mud lol

  33. Oh Rebecca - your studio is SO wonderful and SO inspiring. I love how you display everything and all that amazing wonderful stuff you have. What a dream to be creating in your room.
    Have a wonderful day.
    xo Tina

  34. wow, I cannot believe your studio. It is like a dream. I could live there. Jealous but in a good way.Thanks for sharing the great pics

  35. You and I *are* 2 peas on a pod! This form over function thing...I get so stuck here, too...I love your style:)


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