Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tucked in My Studio

I want to thank everyone who left comments on my last post, they were all very kind and as always full of encouragement. I am trying to get around to all of you to see what you are up to. 
This will be the beginning of many studio posts, now that I have my studio back.  I am getting into the swing of the holidays that are fast approaching.  The weather has turned this week and the beautiful fall weather has left. But I am Happy as a lark tucked in my studio playing...
I did a post on my The Love of God  blog called  
if you get a chance please visit me there!

I had a rather large order of tea dyed flowers to make this week, so I made extra. They are available in my blog shop. Here.
I will be adding new holiday items next week.

I also filled an order of Tattered Flowers and made extra... I think they look good on a star ...

or a stocking, don't you?

I am making an assortment of stockings with vintage velvet's, French linen and of course burlap.

These roses are going on some wreath's

Here are some finished linen stockings

I have started making stars... my best seller actually. I have been making these for 15 Christmas's now...

Here are some random shots of baubles ready to be made into something for someone...

I will be joining the Horton's for their A Very Vintage Christmas show in Tipton, IN,
in November. I will talk more on that later.
 But before that I will be at the Kane County Fleamarket the first weekend in November.

I am also getting my Christmas workshops together and will be posting the schedule for November and December next week. I would love it if you could join me in my new studio. 

For you who live out of town 
I have a special place for you to stay...

Come Play with me and...

Be Inspired...

I am linking up with Debra at Common Ground for her 
Friday Vintage Inspiration party and Feathered Nest Fridays!



  1. I love all of your baubles and gadgets, fabrics & linen.. all of it. So gorgeous! Love the stars too! I think they would be perfect for all year round. Hugs. tammy

  2. oh you temptress..showing me my favorite room..sigh I'll wish and wish and be a good

    It is all so wonderful and charming and I know how much fun you and Donna will have...oh sigh sigh sigh..I wish <3

  3. Rebecca dear,
    This is dream-land- and I love your tea-dyes flowers-could you possible save one for me,-I just want to see your other christmas creations before I order, that things can be send together ???
    All you do is magic, and the stockins are beautiful, also.The stars are the most fantastic things ever.
    How wonderful to come for your workshops,but it can only be in my dreams.
    Blessings and happy creating, Rebecca,

  4. DearRebecca,
    EVERYTHING that you do is lovely. Your studio looks amazing and so full of beautiful things for you to turn into even more beautiful things !!
    This is such a busy time for you but, I think that you really enjoy it. I wish you every success on the build up to Christmas. XXXX

  5. Oh my goodness! Everything is so pretty. I absolutely love your stars. Those are my favorite. I'll have to email you about ordering a few. I'm so excited the studio is done. It is fabulous. I love the pics and just want to hide out there today with you. Let's play hooky!

  6. If I hadn't met you I would swear you could be real and so creative surrounded by such bliss!
    I would visit but I'm afraid it would take the authorities to get me to leave :-)

  7. Oh, Rebecca, there is nothing here not to like.
    Everything is soooo lovely!

    Hugs, Diane

  8. all fabulous rebecca....I am glad you will be at hortons so i can stop by say hi and get a special thing here and there......
    big hugs

  9. Dear Rebecca, When you come to Horton's...oh I hope to see you again. I absolutely want to buy one of your roses. It looks as if it would just go with everything.:) Smiles, Susie

  10. Oh! Oh my! I'm stunned! I'm in awe! These last 2 posts are going to be time consuming so I can drool over each photo. But with my glass of wine (it's 5:00 somewhere, right?), I'll be able to spend a very pleasant evening. Can I move and be your neighbor?

  11. R.E.,
    Everything you put your hand and heart on I adore. Now I'm off to read your other post.

  12. Oh what beautiful flowers!! I am so glad you wrote to me so I could come and visit you again. You inspired me so much this morning. I needed that. I love your space too! Your creations are just wonderful and it makes me want to go out and get a sewing machine and all my trims! :-) Thanks for sharing and for sharing your love of your faith. It is the faith that helps me to remember The Creator of all of our wonderful creative creations! He certainly was generous with the creative spice when He whipped you up and baked you to perfection!

    Big hug to you
    Elizabeth :-)

  13. I am salivating over your baubles and your studio! What an amazing space!!! I love the book page wallpaper, and all your vintage whites. So YOU! :)

  14. Love your ornaments Rebecca, I have to charge batteries and start working on mine, I start decorating for Christmas in the middle of November. Great to have you back!
    XXX Ido

  15. Charming and delightful as always! Love visiting with you! Patsy from

  16. What an inspiring post!! I love all your trinkets and treasures and the [[a[er on your walls - just gorgeous!! Oh I love it!! I have a little attic space myself... going to pin your photos to inspire getting it finished :) Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!!

  17. OH MY, I don't know where to begin....your work space in your studio is to die for. I absolutely gasped at the photo. That desk is sweet.

    How charming and warm your post is. I love everything.

  18. You have no idea how much I'd love to come and stay with you to be inspired and create. I'm really needing a break from life lately, or lack of my own life...sigh!

    Have fun creating. I'm doing the window display at Monticello in November and only have a little more than a week to get all my Christmas goodies made......running out of time!

    I hope it turns out how i'm envisioning it:-)


  19. Rebecca,
    Wow,WOW, WoW, that's all I think of right now! Love it all Rebecca! I adore your stars. I need, correction must of the stars in velvet. They are beautiful. All of your work Rebecca, it's amazing. Oh to see & touch those trays filled with beautiful elements. Going to check your shop.

  20. Well, Everything is so pretty. I absolutely impress with your stars. Those are my favorite. I will have to email you about ordering a few. I am so excited the studio is done. Such a fabulous job. In short, you did a royal touch.

  21. I wantta come play with you!!! What a gorgeous place to dream and then your studio makes the best place in the world to create! What a time I would have there Rebecca! Then if we could just get Donna to join us. Yeehaw!
    I think you and I must be thinking a little alike these days. I have been making so many of those little tattered flowers for some gifts for friends and frankly my fingers are getting sore and achy. ;-) but I still go on.
    Of course your stars will always be my favorite thing you do, but your stockings are amazing too.
    I got so much inspiration just looking at your last post. No wonder so many gorgeous things come out of there. What a place to create!

    have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend.
    sending lots of love your way...

  22. Love your creations Rebecca. Everything is so beautiful and so inspiring as always. How I would love to came and create with you.
    Have a wonderful day.
    xo Tina

  23. Speechless....I can hardly type from the drool on my keyboard. You are truly, truly blessed and are making good use of your hands with the gifts the Lord has given you. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring your followers.
    Have a super blessed week dear!

  24. Gorgeous hand mades! And a very inviting and beautiful space to stay, I'll be over in an hour, LOL. Hugs!

  25. Love all the stuff you are doing, I will see you at Horton's in Nov.

  26. You always make such beautiful those te-dye flowers and that stocking...both are soooo very PRETTY!!!


  27. Wow Rebecca you've outdone yourself... Gorgeous creations and a beautiful studio to create in. I first heard about you years and years ago when you were in I believe a Romantic Homes magazine for your shop, and have followed you off and on since then. I had lost touch with your blog when I replaced my computer and lost all of my bookmarks, and stumbled across you again today. :) So happy!
    Just finished ordering one of your gorgeous flowers off of your blog. So excited to soon own one of your beautiful designs.
    How can I find out more about your workshops and such. I live in MN, and would love to one day make it down that way and take in one of your offerings. Love what you do.

  28. i love your attic(?) space w/the pages on the ceiling & the stars & the frilly flowers! Esther from fleurcottage

  29. So unfair....I can't come to play. My gosh with that invitation you are going to have them lining up at your door.
    I know redoing your studio was a lot of work but WOW was it worth it. I'm a little envious but I plan to tackle mine in the new yr. I know I've said that


  30. How on earth did I miss this post?
    I love the tea-dyed flowers and they look amazing on your stockings and stars!
    I can't believe how soon you will be here...just a little more than a week now! Woo Who!
    Have a great Friday my friend!
    Hugs from here

  31. Ohhh Rebecca I am sitting her in awe at your absolutely beautiful things! I want to come stay and I want to go to the sale ~
    You are truly blessed!


  32. I love it all. . . I want to do that to my sunroom. Do you think I can? 2 walls are brick which I will have to leave but the other 2 and the ceiling I think I could do. Wish you were next door to me. Thanks for sharing. Blessings Lynda

  33. Oh my... I just found your wonderful blog. Your attic nook is SO adorable and charming. I know where I am going to spend the next couple of hrs... on your blog. Just love your style and creations.

    I have a 8' x 24' tiny house with two little lofts, I think I am going to paper my walls after seeing your amazing idea. Thanks.


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