Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Le Faded Fleur

How are you all doing this busy week of Thanksgiving. I just got back from a trip to Minnesota to visit my mom. We had a family friend pass away, he was part of my childhood and I had such fond memories of him. He is now painting with my father in heaven.

I will be having my family in for Thanksgiving! We are quite a crew and this old house will be bustling with kiddies and women chatting... the guys of course will be in the family room watching the games. 
It is such a wonderful time of year. All my family will be in except for one... Jody. She will be here for Christmas though. As you know she just left here a while ago but it is a perfect time to introduce you to her and... 
She has started a blog.

Jody and I at the Farmchicks show this spring

Jody at the French Flea Market this summer

  She is just in time for the Holidays and she will be showing you her lovely hand made Christmas items.

So please go over and say hi to my number 1 daughter Jody! 
And welcome her to Blogland.
 She is a very talented and gracious person... 
I am so very proud of her.
 Love you darl'in!

Many blessings to all of you this busy Thanksgiving week. I am wishing you all a blessed week and a heart full of gratitude and thanksgiving.

PS  I will be joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for her 
White Wednesday! Join us there...


  1. Hi Rebecca, i want to wish you and your familie a wonderfull thanksgiving. In Belgium we do not celebrate this buth i have seen it on severel movies.
    Sorry for the bad language, hope you can make something off it :)))
    Love, Sonja (heading over to Jody ;))

  2. Dearest Rebecca-
    congratulations with your Jody having her new blog, I can see how proud you must be of her-
    her creations are gorgeous looking -and she surely is her mother in every way -for me to see,- beautiful and very talented.
    I will go back and welcome her.
    Wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie- I know you will have so much fun-and happines.
    XOX- Dorthe

  3. she looks lovely..inside and out! I will be sure to pay her a visit. happiest of Thanksgivings to you ad yours!

  4. So happy to visit you again after such a long hiatus. Your blog is looking fab as always. Congratulations on your daughter's beautiful blog as well. The pictures in both are just grand!! Happy Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving pretty lady. Enjoy your day and the coming holiday
    season as I know you will. cynthia

  6. Hi Rebecca,....

    Thats so great! Heading on over to congratulate Jody and wishing you the very best this thanksgiving. C U soon.


  7. Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with a house full of family! Love those pics from Le Faded Fleur -- I pinned some of them!

  8. there is nothing better than a home full of family and friends ... blessed Thanksgiving to you.

  9. Such delights! I love all the beautiful photos here, and will take a look at your daughter's new blog. Thank you for sharing,
    Happy WW,

  10. Beautiful daughter! I'm going to check out her blog now. Happy Thanksgiving wishes from Canada! Blessings, Pamela

  11. Quite a talented gal, Rebecca! Must run in the family. :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. So sorry to hear about your friend. =( Makes me feel kind of guilty to gush over your photos but I do love them! I followed you from my old blog (One Cheap B*tch) and happily following you again from my new blog!


  13. Will visit Jody! I'm sure she is as charming as her mother!

  14. Thanks Mom (blushing)!!!
    Everything I know I learned from you.
    I am sending you all my stuff to photograph, awesome job, it never looked so cool! xo

  15. HI there!
    Just stopped by to see Jody...so glad she is finally up and running
    I have a million things to do this day but i am thinking of you braving it out in the kitchen!
    hugs and much love

  16. What a beautiful family. Hopping over to Le Faded Fleur now. Have a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Love to find new blogs!
    Your daughter is a beauty!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Jody is lovely! I'm going right over to say hello! Happy Thanksgiving my friend! May God Bless you all!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving Rebecca,

    Cindy Bee

  20. Happy Thanksgiving, your daughter looks lovely,you could be sisters, you look so Young! Here in Holland we do not celebrate Thanksgiving.


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