Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Vintage Christmas Show

I am back from Tipton, Indiana, it is about a 3 1/2 hour drive and today was 71 degrees and sunny, so the drive was lovely. When I got to Tipton there was snow on the cars... it was perfect for the 
I arrived on Thursday and met Donna at the Horton's store. We unloaded my merchandise and got to visit with the Horton family a little and then headed to Donna's house for dinner. Donna's husband had fixed his famous chili dinner, so we had a great time eating, laughing and catching up. Donna and I then worked on finishing up some projects we had going. I got to work on my stars in the cottage, listen to Christmas music, sip a little wine and laugh with miss Donna. 
Friday we set off for the store bright and early, I had to set up and Donna had a million things to do, we left the store in time for dinner. That evening we were all tired so we went to bed early. 
Saturday morning was the event... so without another word from me, I will show you
Miss Donna's magic.

Horton's Very Vintage Christmas Show

Donna's burlap Christmas stockings 

Donna's burlap ruffled stockings 

Donna's poured fig candles... heavenly scent sent.

I had a good laugh... there was a designer at the show that stood in the middle of one of the rooms and said loud enough for everyone around him to hear, 
"Someone said, one person did all this and there is no way one person did this!".  
He just had never met Donna!
Not only does she do all of this, but she makes product too...

Donna made these cute pouches, knitted trees and  yarn ball garlands

Even after all that wonderful display goodness this is a rare sight... Donna resting. She outdid herself this year! It was inspiration in every corner.
 As always Tim and Karen Horton were wonderful hosts and it was a joy to be apart of their event... they put on quite a spectacular show. Thank you so much for letting me join in on all the fun.
I will be posting my little part of the Christmas show later in the week, I thought this was enough pictures for one post.
Now, I get to visit all of you for once! I am going to relax for today and then it is back to the studio for more Christmas goodies.
Wishing you a grateful day


  1. Once again I feel like I've died and gone to heaven! Lovely, just lovely!!!


  2. Great pictures! It makes me want to be shopping right now! Have a great week.

  3. Totally fabulous Miss R! Loved the tour and would have sooo enjoyed being there in person! I could have used some fun and R and R!

    Blessings for a creative week. You bless us all...xoRebecca

  4. Wauw, this is fabulous! I look, look again,tree times, i just can get enough of all this beauty! Thanks for schearing,
    greetings from Belgium,

  5. Oh Rebecca,
    Donna is fantastic and so talented....if I was there I would have had to have a lorry to take it all home in !! I love everything especially the cushions, the lace, the lanterns.....oh, I'm going to stop listing all of the things that I will take me all day !!
    I just wish that I could go to all of these wonderful events.....I'm afraid that I'm just a little envious !!
    I can't wait to see your photos.
    Have a lovely week Rebecca. XXXX

  6. looks lovely :) Wish I could have squeezed a visit into my packed weekend!

  7. I could spend all morning here, gazing at all this beauty. Thanks so much for sharing this spectacular event. There is so much inspiration, I don't know where to start. I love the vignettes, and unique ideas. It's magical. Donna definitely outdid herself.

  8. I don't know how she does it! It's just beyond gorgeous!! xoxo

  9. I just finished cleaning the house and sat down to blog browse a goodness has it been enjoyable visiting the Horton's shop with you. Everything I love seems to be packed in there. There is a cool fun looking shop in this issue of Romantic Homes. I am about to plant myself in the dining room with a cup of tea and browse for a bit. Thanks for the enjoyment.

  10. This looks so magical, Rebecca!! In spite of all the hard work, I know you girls had a ball!


  11. My dearest Turkey! You know I Hate pictures and you used two! Whoa!
    I am so glad you came and spent this time with us! We enjoyed your visit so much! As always I really was sad when you left! Next work...all fun!
    I know Tim and KK appreciate you being a part of this event as much as I do, it just wouldn't be the same without you!
    Have a blessed week...I must get back to my renovation project!
    Love you bunches!

  12. Both you girls do amazing work! I sure wish I could have been there!
    Thanks for all the photos!

  13. Thanks for all the great deals you gave my daughter at Kane. She was quite impressed with your booth and so happy with her purchases. She thinks she will be coming back in December!

  14. Dear Rebecca,
    OH such a fabolous place,and so many wonderful things.I love all the small green decorations all over, and ofcourse the many homemade things.
    Can`t wait to see yours, and allow myself to buy something else with the flower :)
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  15. Absolutely outstanding displays, you'd have a hard time getting me out of that fabulous place.

  16. What a wonderful knack for display. Marvelous.

  17. That was worth the trip I would say. So much variety and detail. Love the ladders. ♥O

  18. What eye candy you shared with us! I wanted it all! LOVE your blog. I found you bouncing around in BLOGLAND but, I see lots of my friends on your sidebar. I need to start following you to see what other goodies you share! Charlene

  19. I am still amazed at what Ms Donna puts together!! She is one amazing woman and very talented! It is all so gorgeous and wish I had been there. {loved the fall show} Love that last photo of her although I can't believe she is sitting down!! I think she rarely rests!!:)
    Sandi@Wayside Treasures

  20. I am still amazed at what Ms Donna puts together!! She is one amazing woman and very talented! It is all so gorgeous and wish I had been there. {loved the fall show} Love that last photo of her although I can't believe she is sitting down!! I think she rarely rests!!:)
    Sandi@Wayside Treasures

  21. Wow. So many good things in one spot. Something for everyone. Just gorgeous!

  22. Oh just divine! I feel as if I were there, too. The pictures were amazing, thanks for taking us along and sharing the day. Loved it all.

  23. All I can say is---WOW---WOW---WOW!!!! I am personally against cloning, except in the case of Donna :-) I think I want a dozen of her! I love that girl!
    And I love you to my dear Rebecca. I cannot wait to see your space at the show.
    love from me...
    Oh and I need to know what is behind your new nickname Turkey!

  24. It's all in the details...and she doesn't miss a one. Girl...her talent is heaven sent...oh mylanta!
    Now tell know her. When on earth does she sleep!

  25. Unbelievable!! Every display is fabulous. Totally inspiring.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the Very Vintage Christmas Show. What a blessing it has been to me.

  27. Oh I wish I had somewhere this spectacular to venture out to! Awesome eye candy and good fun!!


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