Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vintage Living at Horton's Christmas Show

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. The weather has been unusually warm the last couple of days and it is hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week. So showing Christmas this week seems a bit out of place. But I said I would post my pictures of Vintage Living at Horton's Christmas show, so here is a 
Very Vintage Christmas.

We did have a great time with the bloggers
 that could come to the show.

Thank you so much Patti at the Shabby Chick for coming and bringing Tia, we had so much fun hanging out together.
I didn't take pictures of all the bloggers that stopped by to say hello, I got too busy but I so appreciate everyone that came.

It was a fun time had by all and I want to say again a big Thank you to the Horton's and of course to my dear friend Donna.
 I had so much fun.
I forgot to say that I will be set up at Horton's through Christmas. I did not take down my corner, they have been gracious enough to ask me to stay through the Holidays. If you are in the area please stop by and do some Christmas shopping at the Horton's.

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  1. You've been such a busy elf haven't you?

    My heart did a thump thump at that pearl draped neck. Oh I love that look. Dian Keaton was sporting it all week in her interviews. Just loverly
    It looks/ looked divine.
    so are you going to rest a bit now?

  2. Good Morning My Dearest!
    I love your tiny shoppe at Horton's! It so reminded me of Vintage Living. All that is missing is that irresistible fragrance that permeated the whole store!
    You really should bottle that one day!
    So glad you came and can't wait to see you again!
    Hugs from home!

  3. It all looks so wonderful. I so wish I had a shop like that to indulge in. I hope you have a very prosperous sale.

  4. Rebecca, We had so much fun, can't wait til next time... got a great picture of you over at my blog not sure if you had time to see... Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and Happy Holidays from Tia and I...

  5. Awh Rebecca! Your space was magical! Lovely, lovely wares!

  6. oh my oh my oh my... everything is so incredible! I have looked and looked at all of it and I will look some more! it is all just beautiful! t.xoxoxo

  7. Oh my goodness it is all soooo very gorgeous!! I want to move there :)
    Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. Hello! I had such a wonderful time at Hortons on Saturday. Hubby took me out for a date day! I bought the dreamy cream sweater stocking with the scrumptious rosette. And the adorable snowman ornament just makes me smile.
    Ifelt like a sponge, trying to soak in all the loveliness in displays and holiday vignettes. Thanks so much, Kara

  9. Rebecca it looks gorgeous! I so wanted to make it but we had other things come up.

  10. ...oh my Rebecca!
    'tis a good thing that i don't live anywhere near here, for i fear ALL of my falalalala monies would dissappear before my very eyes!!!
    such beautiful, BEAUTIFUL things:)
    xo, Rosemary

  11. Everything looks SO wonderful Rebecca - Wish I could have visited and shopped at your show.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.
    xo Tina

  12. Oh so much to see! I could spend hours looking. Lovely items. Great picture with Patti and Tia. It is a good thing I don't live near this--I would have to take out a loan or something to cover everything I would want!

  13. Rebecca your booth is amazingly beautiful!


  14. Everything is so beautiful. You make Christmas so very elegant. Any of those items could be used all throughout the year. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Tammy

  15. speechless..
    like I just left winter white wonderland...



  16. Oh my,
    I really wished I lived closer, I could spend hours looking at all of the beautiful treasures there!!! Your photos are amazing!!
    Hope your having a beautiful week.

  17. Serendipitous bliss! So much beautiful eye candy!

  18. So dreamy!!!! Looks like you've put together another fabulous display my friend. I can tell you have been busy making all kinds of great things:-)

    Glad to here you had a good show and a nice time with Donna.


  19. So glad you shared Rebecca. I love every bit of it.

  20. Rebecca dear, so stunning photoes, with lots and lots of fantastic christmas items, I caqn look at the pictures for hours and still find new little things- and love it all.
    Rebecca, will you load some of your creations to your Etsy? I wonder what is for sale and what not- and hope there will be just a bit of all this lovelynes to buy in the shop? Last year I bought a tussie mussie , I would maybe love to collect one each year, if there are some left :)
    Hugs and love Dorthe

  21. Oh Rebecca, if you could have seen me looking through your gorgeous shots of 'all things blissful' you would have been rolling on the floor laughing. I realized after I got down to the bottom of the post that my mouth was gaping open and I was holding my breath. AMAZING is all I can say. Absolutely AMAZING my friend. What an artist you are my friend!!!!
    It sounds like you had a good time meeting people and hanging out with Donna. I am so happy you did this show again! The last picture was so sweet of Tia and her mom and Donna. Love it!
    sending tons of love...

  22. Your space looks gorgeous! I love the fireplace and the stocking tree. Very creative, and such great jewelry pieces, too.

  23. Rebecca,
    You are such a talent. I looked at these pictures & I was blinded by the beauty. I know that sounds corny, but it is all I can think of to say. It's all beautiful. I'm sure you sold out! Would love to shop there someday. Are you selling stars in your shop? I'll go look. I've wanted one forever.

  24. You have been working your tail off....I can't believe how many things you made. I hope it was good show for you. Do those Tipton peeps know you and Donna are superstars?


  25. Dear have been in my nice to stop by. Your creations & space is the most beautiful ever. I do wish I lived closer I would live in there! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. xo Laura

  26. So much beauty in one place! I absolutely love the there a way to order them?

    I stopped by from Pattie's blog and so glad I did!


  27. I always love to see photos of this show - thanks for sharing!


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