Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday Blogger Party Give Away

It's that time of year again... I am sending out an invitation to my Birthday Blogger party.

My mother always said I was a lucky girl to share my birthday with Jesus...  I always thought so too.
But it is that time of year when everyone is at their busiest, one week before Christmas and I dropped in... so needless to say, I don't celebrate it much. But last year I decided to throw my own blog party since I really never remember having a birthday party. We usually celebrate it with Christmas, it is when everyone is together and I don't mind, especially now when I would rather forget about them.

So this year I would like to do the same only this year I am going to make it easier. As last year, I will be giving gifts instead of getting them... with the thought "it is better to give than to receive".
 Last year I asked you to post a gift for someone special in your life and link it to the party. I chose my 3 favorite. 
This year I would like you to leave a message on this post and tell me your one best tip for living. We all have learned many lessons throughout our lives but most of us have a couple of good tips that were either learned or passed down to us. I will chose the winners on my birthday and post 3 favorites.

You have blessed my world and although I haven't been around as much as I would have liked this past year, I enjoy all of you so much. 
This year, to receive the gifts below you must be a follower and leave a tip for living in the comments. If you would like please grab the birthday button on my sidebar to spread the invitation but it is not necessary to win.

A Christmas stocking

A Rose Bracelet

And a bottle brush tree in a bottle.

I hope you can join in on the party and remember to post your favorite tip, it can be on personal growth or  your favorite recipe... whatever you found that enriches your life. 

 I will be having my family and some good friends over on my birthday but I will post the winners in the evening.

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season. I am finally done with decorating the house and I will be posting a house tour next week.
Here is a sneak peek...

Wishing... Love abounds this Christmas and coming year!



  1. To be kind. My daughter frets so about getting her education and I tell her she will get it but the world has enough geniuses. The world DOES need more KIND people.

  2. Oh my goodness Rebecca you are so precious! I just absolutely adore everything that you create so much!!

    One tip that I am really trying so hard to try and do more often is to be still and know that He is God ~ Also taking time to be still and look around and notice the blessings that are right around me every single day ~

    Lots of hugs and Happy Birthday !


  3. Hi sweet girl!!! Happy Birthday early Rebecca! I'm right there after you...mine's the day after Christmas ~ everybody's pooped by then! Of course you know I'm a follower as I love all your do.....
    my tip for living?


    Your kindness touches everyone you meet and I fully believe that it always, ALWAYS comes back to you!!!

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas and wonderful birthday sweet Rebecca,
    hugs and love,

  4. Happy Birthday My Blog Friend...your childhood pics are just adorable! My tip for living is

    "Love Yourself...God made You in His image."

    Merry CHRISTmas! Tiffany

  5. my 50th is on the 18th as well~ Happy Birthday, Fellow Sag

  6. Hi you cute thing you...in your ringlets!!!

    Always look at life with my glass FULL, not just half full, not half empty, but all the way to the TOP. Because when I see the suffering of so many people in this world, I realize how blessed I am. And wish the same for all of mankind!
    sending a birthday and Christmas wish to you sweet friend!

  7. When struggling through three very difficult years of horrible betrayal and deceit and being so wounded I could not breathe, I knew I had to change myself, since the situation was out of my control.

    I had held the anger in my stomach like a fist and it was only going to be through the power of forgiveness and the power of grace that I would ever right myself and be able to live again.

    You cannot continue to make the same choices and expect a different outcome, yet so many lost souls continue to wail against the walls, until bloodied and beaten, never seeing it is within their power to alter their course.

    SO, it is the power of forgiveness and the power of grace that I will wish to all your birthday pals this year and to you dear friend..many, many blessings of hope and promise.
    much love,

  8. Hi Rebecca,
    Happy Birthday for the day,my birthday is on the 25th so I never really notice getting any older.
    My philosophy, ''Let go of who you are and become who you might be''
    Hugs, Angela.x

  9. Our Birthdays are only one day apart. I know what you mean about it not really mattering anymore because "who wants a birthday anyways"? My brother is six years older than me and told my Mom that now there was an angel under the tree as well as on top when she brought me home from the hospital...how sweet!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway and I'd like to share a quote that my daughter and I saw on a church billboard one day. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." I really like this saying and it couldn't be more true:-)

    Can't wait to see more of your holiday decorating...alreadsy loving that first photo:-)

    Also wanted to tell you that I had a nice visit with Jody at Monticello's a couple weeks ago when I was there fluffing and she was shopping.


  10. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful things. My tip for living is...whatever may come your way, God is always a step ahead of you...guiding & lighting your path. You may not see Him or even feel He is there, but he has a plan for your life. You just need to have faith that you will get through whatever trials you may go through in this life and you will come out a better, stronger person that has grown. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday!! I found you while visiting Quill Cottage, and just could not resist joining in on your holiday celebrating.

    Hmm... A tip... when I was 18, I heard this phrase that has become such a part of my days that I share it with you. "Trust in, cling to, rely on, and believe in God". It has helped to shape what surrender has come to truly mean.

    And... the verse "Do all things as unto the Lord and not to men." from Colossians 3 has been my motto, keeping me grounded in trial and during moments of difficulty.

    Blessings, I have just become a follower. :-) Happy Holy-days!! and Remembering Psalm 118:24 on your behalf during this season. We joy with you...


  12. Sweet Rebecca - so genereous of you to offer those wonderful gifts. My birthday is on Jan 1th - no need to tell that no one though it was fun on that day, so I haven´t celebrated for years :o)

    Grateful is my word - Always be grateful for what you have - you´ll never know when life will hit and things will change. I´ve learned it the hard way.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day sweet friend.
    xoxo Tina

  13. Rebecca,

    I wanted to drop in and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please do not toss my name in the hat for I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners at last years party and I am currently enjoying the lovely gift you sent.

    Enjoy your birthday celebration!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rebecca!!!! So happy that you shard it with us.. You look just like your pictures of when you where a little. May you have a great day.and we will being thinking of you....Lots of love..


  15. What a lovely post, Rebecca, just like you! My mother's birthday was on the 29th smack dab in the middle of Christmas and NY's so her birthday often was overlooked. Even though she's no longer with us, I still wish her a Happy Birthday every year on December 29th.

    I wake up every morning saying this is the day the Lord has made.

    I wish you a very HapPy BirThDay!! (I am a follower)


  16. R.E.,
    Your photos give me such a kick and giggle. Love 'em and your sassy little face.
    Once again, you ask me to just name one, but like potato chips...I can't do just one.
    I like to say "don't exercise...accessorize" and taking that a little further..."a smile is the best accessory a woman can wear".
    Truly for me though it was the dream I did a post on this past year. While trying to go up a mountain on a tricycle and finding it impassable, God shouted at me "Stand up!". That is what I'm trying to do every day and with His arm to support me...I do.
    Happy birthday my sweet friend. May you have the most wonderful of birthdays and perhaps this will be the year we get to see each other again. That's one of my Christmas wishes.

  17. Happy Birthday ! Love...Love...Love all that you SHARE !You REFLECT God's Love so Beautifully. My tip would be ...Once you give it to GOD , QUIT taking it back ! He can handle everything so much better than we could ever imagine !

  18. What a cutie patootie you were and still are! My birthday is right after Christmas so I feel your 'no party' pain. And it seems like I am always snowed in on my birthday besides!

    It has taken me awhile to learn this lesson but I think it has finally soaked into my brain and my life is easier, better, calmer and brighter because I have learned to let go. You can't make people be/do/act like you think they are supposed to. Sometimes you just have to let go, forgive and move on. Some people are worth the struggle and some people just aren't. Surround yourself with those that love you and support you for who you are!

    Blessings on your birthday and all through the holiday season!

  19. Oh dear me-- I mean dear you- you are so cute Rebecca- such a sweet face- you are lucky to have those photoes :)
    Every day waking up I thank the Lord for my day ,and say a little prayer for my close dear loved ones - that makes me feel safe.
    Dearest Rebecca I wish you a most beautiful and happy ,joyfull birthday, my friend.
    Love and hugs from Dorthe

  20. A very Happy Birthday to you. I think we share the same Birthday. I will be 50 this Saturday. As I think back over half a century of life ( wow, did I say half a century?) I can't help but remember the holidays past. One of the greatest memories is having the night Before Christmas read on Christmas Eve to me and my sister each year. Then reading it to my daughters when they were so small, and now reading it to my great nieces. I'm so grateful to have my family and excited for the future, as my own daughters begin their grown up lives. A wonderful lesson I've learned is to embrace the little things like reading a simple story, and realizing that they are truly a joy.


  21. Oh sweety I have no answers and no tips that would do anyone any good:) haha but I would like to wish you a happy birthday.
    Your house looks incredible decorated. I'm trying not to drool all over my computer. sigh!!!
    Finally going home early tonight and making an attempt at decorating. You know me always late:)I'll be happy if it looks half as good as yours.


  22. I wish you many blessings this birthday, Rebecca. I think the best advice I ever got (actually read) was in books my Melody Beattie and that is to LET GO....of worries and of feelings that we (ME) must be in control. Truth be said, only HE is in control. When that truly sunk in for me, it made a world of difference. I still have to remind myself of it from time-to-time, but I always come back to LET GO...God can handle it!

    Happy Birthday....Carol

  23. Dear Rebecca,

    Happy Birthday, dear one!
    My advice after living 64 years is to simplify your life. Make your priorities in this order:
    God first, family second and neighbors next.
    Don't feel that you have to be perfect: perfect housewife, perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect friend. Just be the best that you can be. If you surround yourself with those who love you, you can't go wrong.

    Merry Christmas,


  24. Loving your birthday photos!!
    I want to enjoy each day ~ be kind and let my family know I love them.

  25. Surround yourself with happy people! It is easy to begin to think negatively when you are surrounded by people who think that way. Conversely, if you are around people who are happy their emotional state will be infectious!

  26. HI Happy early Birthday. I am also a December baby. :) It is a wonderful time of year!

    Oh where do I start with a tip, My tip for whomever reads this is Prayer. I don't mean the little lay me down to sleep prayer..I mean really talking with our Heavenly Father. I have had many troubles and trials over the past few years, health as well as family issues...and honestly..If I didn't talk with my heavenly father daily..I don't know if I'd be writing this post. Sometimes more than once a day. To ask him for guidance, ask him for forgiveness, or Thank him, I LOVE that we can be in constant contact with Him.

    Although I would be so joyed to win, I truly hope someone reads this tip and rejoices in Him and prays and speaks with Him.

  27. Those photos are still "so you"!! And Honey, you still look that good!!
    After so many years I think my one main lesson that I've learned (yes, the hard way) is to take life one day at a time. I know that's so cliche, but so true. Staying in contact with the Lord and letting Him put me where He wants me "that" particular day.
    Sending lots of Birthday Hugs and Love your way, and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, dear! xoxo

  28. Rebecca - What a great way to think of your birthday ~ sharing it with Jesus. I MUST tell my niece who thinks her twin sons are getting a raw deal having their birthday so close to Christmas. My tip is trying to focus on what really matters. Both my husband and I are workaholics, like our company would not be able to function without us (of course that is not true). For example, I know I have missed some important funerals because "I couldn't leave work." That is a heavy burden I carry today because I know, and my loved one knows, I wasn't there. Do you think my company remembers I sacrificed that day to be at work, or even cared? Now I try to put it all in perspective and ask myself "will this matter in 5 years?". I would say 100% of the time, the work can wait and what matters, like personal relationships and friendships can't wait. Focus on what counts.

  29. I am a follower! My tip is to always find something in your day to be greatful for. It has helped me get thru some rough times...sometimes it is difficult to find something but when you do, even if it is small, you realize you have reason to have gratitude in your life. Other times I feel like I am happily swimming in wonderful things to be greatful for...as simple as a chocolate, as important as good health for a loved one....
    I always feel like there is good in my life!
    Happy Birthday and Happy holidays! karen....

  30. Happy Birthday to you, dear Rebecca. I love the photos of when you were little!
    I read the book by Ann Voscamp,"One Thousand Gratitudes". Have you read it? My goodness it's wonderful. It came to me right after losing 3 members in my family each 5 weeks apart and it really helped get me through. She challenges her readers to come up with 1000 things to be grateful for. At first it was hard, then before I knew it...I couldn't stop being thankful! Hence, came the name of my blog! :) My mourning turned into joy that can only come from our Lord and Savior. This is what I pray for you, Rebecca. That you will always have the Lord's joy in your life.
    Love and Merry CHRISTmas,

  31. Happy Birthday Sweet Rebecca, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! The one thing that I have learned through the years is not to sweat the small things, I used to do that, but with age you learn, also to enjoy your family each and every day, life is so short. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas Rebecca. Hugs, Terri

  32. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! My birthday is the 19th and I'll think of you when I blow my candles. I have learn a lot from my mother and one of the things she always mention is to laugh and enjoy life. My wisdom words is mind your own business and don't gossip. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    best regards,

  33. Happy Birthday to yoooou.
    Happy Birthday to yooooooou.
    Happy Birthday Dear Rebecca.
    Happy Birthday to yoooou.

    I hope it is wonderful. Friends and Family. That's what enriches my life. Having them over, meeting them for coffee, baking cookies together. I think I shall do a blogpost of the importance of them. Just think....who would you show your house and decorations off to if it weren't for blogger friends! Who would share your birthday cake if it weren't for your family. And who would have some yummy hot mulled wine with you if it weren't for friends. And who would inspire me if it weren't for people like you!

    Cindy Bee

  34. you are so cute Rebecca...
    God Bless You..

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