Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Back at 2011

Well, we are winding down 2011... are we not?
To tell you the truth, this year has shot across the sky of my life
 like a shooting star and I only hope 2012 does not pick up speed or I will be looking at my ninetieth birthday sooner than later. 
 I have been fighting time this past year and whenever that happens... I will loose, for sure. 
So have I lost really? 

I started looking back on the year and thought I would share a little.
Starting a year ago January... I started the year out right by taking a road trip to Missouri to meet a dear friend. Here

Debra from Common Ground... opened her lovely home and heart to me for 3 days. We shopped, ate, talked till we were blue and shared our thoughts and inspirations. 
I found a most dear friend in her.

I also did a new years project. Here
The computer room. I had closed the shop a few months prior, so every nook and cranny was filled with shop stuff. My computer room had become a storage space. It started out like this...

and ended up like this...

I am in this room a lot now and really enjoy it.

February brought an exciting road trip to Arizona to visit my sister. Here. We followed that awful snow storm all the way down... but it was so worth it.

My mom was there also... it was a good 2 weeks with my mom and sister.

I also spent a day with my good friend Karen from
 My Desert Cottage. We had a great day together, she took me to her favorite shops and we had lunch together.

March came and with it brought sadness, especially for my two daughters as they lost their father.  We spent time In Minnesota where the memorial was but with that also came joy as they were reunited with their half brother. It was a time of healing. Here

In April I had the pleasure to travel to Virginia and meet so many lovely women as I spoke at their annual Prince of Peace luncheon. Here

It was one of the high lights of the year and I still am grateful to Connie for letting me share what God has been doing in my life.

May brought special visitors and so much fun!
My wonderful friend Donna from A Life Reclaimed came for a whole week and helped me get ready for the one and only FiFi O'Neill and Mark Lohman They were here to do a photo shoot for her new book that is coming out in March.  They also shot for the magazine Romantic Country which I am in the spring issue.

Mark, Donna and Fifi

June was my busiest month as the week after Fifi and Mark left, I left for the Great Pacific Northwest.
Road Trip, baby...
Yep, me myself and I took off for a month and headed to Washington where my daughter Jody lives. We had a date with Farmchicks. I spent a week with Jody of LeFaded Fleur finishing projects and hitting some antique shops. One of the highlights was finally meeting Kathleen of Faded Charm. We did a little shopping and a lot of chatting. She is a sweetie.

We then headed to Spokane and set up at the FarmChicks Show

July brought my daughter back to me for
 Horton's French Flea Market. Here.
Jody and I packed up and went to Indiana to stay with our beloved Donna! We set up our tent again and enjoyed a fabulous Flea market put together by the Horton's and the fabulous Miss Donna. We had great fun meeting new and seeing old bloggy friends too.

August was hot and walking through mud... as I put it. It was my biggest project of all... Studio redo. I completely stripped my studio of every last fabric and bauble and put it all under a tent in my back yard... and that started a long process  Here

 During this process, I also was doing the Kane Country Flea Market the first weekend of each month. My goal was to get out of storage and reduce my expenditures. Try to simplify my life. Here

September brought sadness again with the loss of my husbands brother and best friend, Jack Ersfeld or Kramden as he was affectionately called by my husband. He lost a 3 year battle with cancer on Sept. 25. Jack was born in 1943, served in the VietNam war and served on the police force in Chicago for 24 years. He was quick to laugh and had a gentle heart. He will be missed by Diane his wife and stepchildren along with many friends and very much by his brother and our family. May God bless those he left behind.


But mission accomplished!
Of course there were trips to Minnesota to see family and I moved out of my studio at the art gallery. All that went into the garage, which my son was so good to help organize and build shelving to put all my "stuff" on.
So that brings us up to November and December, which were filled with shows and etsy and family and friends.
I started off the holiday season by taking a trip back to Tipton for the Hortons Christmas show.   Here

Another fun fun fun thing I got to do was have a blogger party at the show. And I met some wonderful women and also saw old friends.
I was thrilled to see Patti of Shabby Chick 
and her lovely daughter Tia... love to you both!
And of course I got to stay with the whirling dervish herself 
Miss Donna.  Which is always a joy... we have fun, don't we girl?

Which brings me to December... decorating my house, my birthday and going home to Minnesota. My heart is always with my family, so I will leave you with pictures of my Christmas last week with my lovely family. God is good.

(Yes, the Ferret is real... his name is Zeus. She loves him.

I am Thankful...
This past year has been anything but lost...

I want to thank all of you, my friends for letting me share and chronicle my life with you.

Many Blessings in 2012
I will be linking up with
Debra at Common Ground Vintage Friday Inspiration


  1. May 2012 be a Blessed year :)-I loved seeing your yr. in re-cap!

  2. Rebecca - I just started blogging in April, and I don't remember when I started following you, but I do remember my first comment on your blog. It was on your road trip. Just driving alone inspired me. I am definitely going to have to check out your previous posts you have on here. I'm still in awe all the work you did to get your craft room in shape ~ huge undertaking. I have to ask you - is that a real possum I see? Please say no :)
    Many blessings back at ya!

  3. Rebecca, I will never forget the fun time we had at Horton's You are such a lovely and sweet lady, Hope we get to do it again in the New Year.... May you be blessed with joy and happiness.

  4. Hey girl--thanks for saying hello the other day. You clearly have a terrific life, and a wonderful family to share it with! You ARE blessed!
    All the best in the coming year--maybe we could meet in Geneva for lunch in january--email me if you're free...
    Best, Lisa ( the Frenchmans wife).

  5. Rebecca, God has blessed you with such a full and exciting life. He is good all the time. Your family is wonderful. We had such a good time at our gathering I forgot to take pictures. hugs♥Olive

  6. Just saw your house in Romantic Country (my favorite magazine) and I wanted tell you that I loved it! So beautiful. :-)

  7. Like wow! I am literally speechless....Your home, your life is one so well lived. I look upon it as something to aspire to...II need role models in my life... Beautiful and inspiring women, women like you. thank you for helping me in more ways than you know. Blessings and peace.

  8. Dear Rebecca, You are always inspiring, creating and blessing us by sharing it all. Happy New Year dear girl. Love, Penny

  9. Oh my Rebecca, I just saw your article in Romantic Country Living last night. I enjoyed it so much I had to blog about it this morning. Your home is incredible and the article was so inspiring and so inspiring. I want to be your neighbor...I mean closer than Indiana,LOL.

  10. What a beautiful family you have Rebecca. That alone is a gift.

    Have a Happy New Year and bless the old one.

  11. Hi dear Rebecca,
    What a year you have had, -so filled with wonderful experiences, and hard work-but also with beautiful moments with your dear family-just looking at this photoes, shows all the love between you.With that in the luggage there is much more energy for use-and so many happy hours.
    Love you-hugs,Dorthe

  12. Wow! I can't believe you did ALL this in just one year. You acomplished so much in a short period of time.

    I feel so blessed to have met you and look forward to another time when you are in the area:-)

    So glad you had a nice time with your family to end the year. Wishing you much health and hippiness in 2012!


  13. What a wonderful post! My goodness, you travel a lot! Looks like a great year! Best wishes for the year ahead.

  14. Whoosh, I'm dizzy from your year, and I'm spanking you long distance!! LOL! at least the sunglasses were covering the bags under my eyes! ha ha! love ya bunches, Deb

  15. Rebecca,

    Your year has truly been magical! Thank you for letting us journey along with you. I just picked up the latest issue of Romantic Country and what a grand surprise to see your gorgeous home tucked between the pages! Congrats being featured. May 2012 bring you even greater blessings and happiness.

  16. Hey Rebecca, I was thinking of you today as I drooled over the new issue of Romantic Country and saw your gorgeous place in the issue. OMG Girl, your place is more fabulous each time I see it. Anne of Fiona and Twig submitted pics and one of them was mine of the mannequin head and was so excited to see it in print too, even though I didn't receive credit for it being of my space, it was still fun to see it there. Happy New Year friend and maybe I'll see you in the new year!

  17. I so enjoyed recapping the year with you and beholding all of the beautiful images of your adventures and your beautiful Family.

    It is sometimes only when we inventory all that we've accomplished and gained that we fully realize how full our Lives really are... and how Blessed. May 2012 hold many more adventures, Blessings and endless possibilities for you my Friend.

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. What a wonderful year you have experienced!

    It has been a pleasure it has been getting to know you this year!

    Thank you for being a friend to me and 2805 and for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, blessed and sparkling New Year!

  19. Whew-wee!!!!Girlfriend, you make me feel lazy!! Recently started following happy to see your last year in review. You did make me a little tired, BUT, you also motivated me to push the button just a little harder perhaps:) Above all, I adore your blog, because your love for the Lord shines through everything you do:) Blessings~~Shine

  20. OMG I can't believe you did all of that!! I'm exhausted! You are super women. What cute kids and grandbabies you have. I grew up in Minnesota and graduated from Anoka high school. I lived in Brooklyn Park and Ham Lake.
    Happy New Years

  21. Hi Rebecca, I found your blog through my friend Pat Winter. You are just a hop, skip and jump from me! I live in McHenry. Been to Kane County Flea Market many times!!!

    Your blog is just lovely! I'm following you now and I added a link to my sidebar! I'll be back!!

    Have a Happy New Year!


  22. Thank you for sharing snippets of your year with us, it was a lovely post! Your posts are always inspiring to me! Happy New year! karen....

  23. girl, you DO get around!!!

    someday I will meet Pattie from Indiana ... she's a peach of a girl
    I think she's coming to shop the shed!


  24. Blessings and beautiful memories! God willing 2012 will be filled with even more! Hugs and love to you Becca!! Love yah! Lovey

  25. 2011 certainly was a busy and productive and wonderful year. What fun to look back at all you did and accomplished. There are always some bittersweet moments mixed in with the good. Wishing you health and happiness for the new year. Tammy

  26. R.E.,
    A full beautiful life indeed. Would you like me tell you what I admire most about you (besides your talent)? In all your goings and doings (which btw, makes my head spin), you never fail to stop, catch your breath and capture the beauty that God has surrounded you/us with. Friends, family, nature, home...your cup runneth over and I'm so thankful you shared it with us this past year. By doing shared your heart and that is a priceless gift.
    Happy New Year to one of the most beautiful women I know.
    Much love,
    P.S. You know that quote by Erma Bombeck about using all of God's gifts? You own that one!

  27. What an Amazing Year you Had and What a Lovely Family!I Love your Vision and Style. Absolutely Lovely!
    Happy New Year!

  28. Looks like a fun filled and wonderful year. Next time you come to AZ I hope you will let me and Marty know...we would love to touch base with you IN PERSON!! Happy New Year!!

  29. I am exhausted just looking at this post! And you tell me I never stop...HAH!
    I hope you have a wonderful New Year's...we are popping a cork and chillin' in the new nearly complete living room! I am so excited to see you this next week !
    Here we go again~road trip!
    Hugs and much love my dear friend!

  30. Rebecca,
    What a wonderful year you had in 2011...wishing you another one in 2012!!!


  31. Oh Rebecca what a wonder you are tired. I couldn't have kept up with you. I hope you too get some rest in 2012. I've been giving my bed pillow a lot of love not really but I daydream of it all the time.
    Big hugs to you my friend,

    ps....Gorgeous family!


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