Thursday, January 12, 2012

Featured in Romantic Country

What a difference a day makes! Of course it is January in the Midwest... but it has been spring like weather here with the exception of a handful of days. And yesterday was no exception, I was outside all day yesterday working in the yard and garage. Just puttering, organizing and cleaning. It was a sunshiny 55 degrees with blue skies.

I was looking at all my bushes because they are actually budding out... the tulips and crocus are up too.

Even my peony tree has large red buds, which isn't good!
 I did wrap it up yesterday in burlap from the good advice of my friend Donna.
And today...

It is a good day to stay inside, put a pot of coffee on and maybe do a few things you have been thinking about doing but haven't sat still long enough. For me it is reading the latest issue of Romantic Country. Now don't get me wrong, I did go through it as soon as it came out. I just haven't read all of the articles.  And since my home is featured in this issue along with some good friends of mine, I wanted to enjoy it.

The Miss fabulous Fifi O'Neill 

sent me the pictures to share. 

They were such a delight when they were here.

I do have to comment on the colors of the bedrooms, they turned out much brighter than they are.  Sometimes the printing doesn't get it true to the photo.

I am honored to be in such good company in this issue. I was so tickled to see my good friend Polly from Counting Your Blessings. Her beautiful farmhouse is featured with all her wonderful creative touches.

Also featured in this issue is Tracie from My Petite Maison. Her lovely home in CA features her beautiful collections and some wonderful shots of her porch.

Also, my talented friend Anne of Fiona and Twig has her photography featured in this issue. She has taken images of another amazing friend Theresa of  Garden Antiques Vintage. Anne photographed her beautiful dress form displays in Warrenton.

If you haven't already gotten your copy, be sure and pick one up. I got mine at Target. This issue is loaded with serious eye candy.
I will go back to a second cup of coffee and read...
while this keeps coming.


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  1. I saw the article Rebecca. Congrats! I've always loved the relaxed beauty of your home.

  2. Beautiful snow! know whats cute to me?..the snow tracks of where you have been walking. :) I know..I notice such weird things in pictures. Have a relaxing time with your book, coffee, and snow.


  3. Congrats of the wonderful article, Rebecca! Your home is stunning! Glad to see you are getting some snow!

  4. Almost forgot, thank you for linking this charming post to Potpourri Friday!

  5. Congrats on that Rebecca! I could see that coming! Your home is such a treat to visit.

  6. Hi Rebecca. I have my copy and was delighted to see your beautiful romantic decor in the magazine. Your home truly looks loved and the romantic decor makes me swoon. Simply lovely.


  7. I got mine last week. And found a Winter 2011 issue today! Not sure how I missed it but I have a lot of good reading to do! I love your home!
    My blog was hacked so I have started a new one. Please stop by when you can.
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. I have yet to find my copy but you can be sure I will! How delightful to see you in there. Congratulations does not seem right, they are the lucky ones to have YOU to showcase! Without such great homes where would these publications be? Such a wonderful home you have made for your KUDOS to you.

  9. Hi Rebecca, What Eye Candy, I can't wait to thumb thru the magazines & seeing a glimps of the photos tonight, makes me ready to head to the store.... It was 50 here (Michigan) yesterday & tonight we are getting the snow too... Brrrr, I am so ready for Spring, yet I have a give-away going on of a little Snow body I created, hope you will get a chance to stop by & enter~
    Have a Blessed weekend

  10. Hi Rebecca, Happy New Year, Congratulations, I have to get me a copy, your home is such eye candy and I could look at it forever! We missed the snow in Michigan, got rain and woke to a dusting, this has been the most strangest winter, our grass is still green. For two days it has been in the 40-50's and the birds are singing like it is spring. All I know is that is has been one of the best winters, even if we get snow and cold now it will seem short. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Terri

  11. Oh my gosh I'm running right out to get a copy!! How exciting!! Your home is so beautiful I can't wait to see in the pages of the magazine my friend!!

  12. Of course you know I had my copy when you came to see me. I have read through it several times. I love it when I know the person in the magazine in a the article.

    I love the snow photos. We got a dusting of snow, but not as much as you! I am a little bummed though cause my trip to Iowa has been canceled because of the snow.

    Love ya!

  13. Hi sweet Rebecca, then the snow came to you- beautiful, so beautiful it looks in your garden.
    And the photoes from your fabolous home -are so gorgeous- I will try to get a copy from Ebay- I think that is possible- and then I can sit here feeling a little bit closer to you- even I saw your beautiful home in your blog many times, it is something different in a magazine- I can keep for ever, on my desk :)
    Sending you love and hugs, and a happy weekend wishes.

  14. Love looking at your photos! Your home is sweet! Happy New year!

  15. Rebecca, the feature of your home is just A.MAZ.ING!!! I've looked at it several times. I was just drooly over it all. Love your snow pictures, we got it too, everything looks so pretty in your yard, with the light shining in your studio. Always love it when you link up to the party! xoxo

  16. So glad we finally get to see these! GORGEOUS! I can't wait to pick it up. Congrats on the well deserved feature.

  17. Just bought my copy today.Congrats on the feature.Your home is beautiful.You are so talented.I LOVED your shop simply posh.Was one of my favorites until we moved.You give me lots of inspiration in decorating and spiritually.

    1. Your home is like a beautiful dream. Absolute gorgeousness. happy New Year pretty lady!

  18. Oh Rebecca your home could be the whole magazine from front to back. I haven't gotten mine but I will just to see it first hand.
    We have not had snow yet and it's starting to not feel like winter to me. I know what am I complaining about? It's been darn cold though...telling myself the cold burns more calories! haha

    Thanks for entering my giveaway!!!!

    ps...sorry just realized I made half the whole about me:)

  19. congrats rebecca! your home is just as lovely as you are!



  20. I just found your blog THROUGH Romantic Country and I am love with everything I see here. I am about 4 hours North of you in Green Bay, WI. Can I move in with you? Please...please...please...I'll be ever so good and I will bring Starbucks. You DO drink coffee, don't you?;>)

    Seriously, I am so glad I found your blog. We live in a waterside home and will probably be selling/downsizing this Spring. I want my next home to have the same "feel" as yours. LOVE IT..and, of course you know, I am your newest follower. Blessings- Diana

  21. I finally found a copy of the magazine. Very beautiful pictures...haven't read the articles yet. Congratulations on being in yet another magazine Rebecca. You work hard at what you do and you deserve it.

    Cindy Bee


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