Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tot's Kentucky Home

I hope your week is going well, we are well into January and we are still waiting for winter to get here. In Chicago today was gorgeous! Bright sunshine and in the 50's, I even worked outside. I think it will be short lived but I have been saying that for two months now. Everyday that we have this fantastic weather only makes the winter shorter and that is fine by me.

I am finishing up my road trip with you today. I promised you pictures of Tot's  house and you won't be disappointed. She has such an eye for detail but more than that she is such a warm and loving person. I so enjoyed my time at her house.


Tot and Craig (her husband and partner) took us (Miss Donna and I)  to a great Mexican restaurant. We met her daughter Sarah there with her two beautiful children. The food and service was wonderful and we spent the whole evening laughing and having a great time.

The house has been featured in Country Living and also in the book they published. That was a few years ago and now Tot and Craig are redoing the whole house.
 She has changed her pallet to grays instead of white on the walls and it is gorgeous.

If you follow her blog, Time Worn Interiors you know they just put hardwood floors throughout.

She has an infinity for seashells and her collection is amazing.
I love them too, so my camera gravitated to them...

Especially the coral.

They have gathered the most amazing collection of architecture I have ever seen.  


Here  I caught Donna daydreaming...

And of course we had deep discussions... as girls often do!

Not to mention the French linen sheets we slept on... pure butter.

I loved these Mohair French chairs... if only I could have fit them into Donna's little VW...

Now... the studio. I really had a hard time leaving this room!

This was memorable... not because of all the beauty I was surrounded by but the beauty of friendship and love.

Thank you Tot, Thank you Donna...


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  1. Pure and total delight! Thanks for that little escape on this chilly winters night.
    All the very best to you in the new year!

  2. Beautiful and Inspirational! Thank you so much for letting us into Tot's beautiful world ... love her creative spirit!

  3. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful and inspiring photos of Tot's home, Rebecca. So Amazing!!!!! I would have loved to be there with you ladies:-)


  4. Wow! That was overwhelmingly beautiful! My favorite was the alabaster/marble birds, how sweet! I love the picture of Donna daydreaming & the last one of you and Tot! xo

  5. What a fantastic visit- this is suer a very special and beautiful home- I love all the gorgeous architectural pieces all over, and the studio filled with beauty.Thanks dear Rebecca, for such a special tour to your friends.

  6. Oh Rebecca,
    Tot's home is wonderful and full of the most beautiful details. I shall be getting so much inspiration from her.You certainly get around and get to see some lovely homes. It is always such a pleasure to visit your blog and to feast my eyes on some amazing things.
    Have a lovely week Rececca. XXXX

  7. I just loved this post Rebecca, Theresa's home is absolutely stunning! I love the gray on the walls, it makes all of the fabulous architectural pieces pop. She has the magic touch! What a great visit you must have had... thanks for sharing it with us! t.xoxoxox

  8. R.E.,
    TOT is the tops when it comes to displays! Tell me...did y'all send out a memo detailing what to wear before going out to the house? Y'all all matched the decor perfectly. In fact...the three of y'all are the perfect accessories for a well dressed room.

  9. Thank you for sharing. I just love her syle and am amazed at how it has evolved. She has such a great eye.I have met her and she is really sweet. I follow her blog and just love the photos of her new shop. She and her husband make a great team:)
    ~Debra xxx

  10. Such an awesome gift to have great friends. The house is terrific and the shells are glorious. hugs♥O

  11. Rebecca,
    Wow 2 of my favorite people from blogland together in one of my favorite homes! You know how I feel about yours. Tot is a wonderful person, I really enjoyed spending time with her at the blog party one year. I loved her home before & the changes are wonderful. Love how she housed all her findings in glass jars. Note to self...steal that idea.
    Glad your trip was fun.

  12. What a lovely home! Thanks so much for sharing it, I loved everything! I especially love those grey walls......sigh.

  13. Rebecca...
    Sooooo enjoyed ALL the photos!!! TOT is one creative Lady - along with you as well!*!*! Lot's of FaB SHaBBies... Thanks so much for the pics...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  14. It was so much fun to come along! I love the gray walls and all the beautiful architectural pieces. I bet you ladies had so much fun!

  15. Well that looks like it was way fun! I want that little birdie piece...that is so cute! Her home is wonderful and you all look beautiful! I love meeting up with blogger friends!

  16. Dear Rebecca you are so sweet for showing photos of my house! I really enjoyed having you gals as house guest, even if it was only one night. May be next time you girls can stay longer! You will never know how much your visit meant to me! You were truly God sent!
    Love you girl!

  17. Thanks so much for sharing Theresas home with us...it looks amazing---and her shop too!! LOVE it! We would love to have you all visit us in Iowa too---may be a fun shopping destination for you as well....( friends of Sharons and TOT's) We have some great architectural gems in our area looking for a good home. :) Love your blog too!


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