Saturday, March 10, 2012

Added Sunlight

This is the weekend I long for all winter, another hour of sunlight is added to my day and it marks the beginning of spring. 
This winter has certainly been a gift, so mild and sunny, I am thankful. But spring brings anticipation of all the goodness God has in store this new year, this new season, this new day. 

I do not have a packed schedule as I did last year, I am leaving my days open to see what unfolds... and trusting that I walk in the path that has been set before me with thanksgiving and wondrous expectations.
This week has opened up two wonderful opportunities.

 I am participating in a Pampered Ladies Evening at the 
Landin Chiropractic Care in Elgin IL.

Ladies' Night Evening of Pampering
Tuesday March 13, 7:00 - 9:00

I will be setting up a table of jewelry... I am excited to be a part of this fun event!

And then this weekend I will be loaded and driving to Rockford IL to see...

my very talented and good friend Miss Polly of 
I am so excited to be participating in this first time event hosted in Polly's farmhouse. Her lovely home is currently being featured in the spring issue of Romantic Country magazine. There are 12 of us gals participating and it should be a fun and exciting weekend.
To see the fun details and get directions click on the link to Counting Your Blessings
If you are in the area, I hope to see you there!

This past month, before I got hit with the flu, I had been working on the powder room on the main floor. I thought today I would show you the upstairs bath. We had remodeled it a few years ago. In this old house bathrooms were non-existent so the few that we have were certainly after thoughts. 

This bathroom was a challenge because of the step up in it, where the plumbing was under the floor. The tub and the toilet are a step higher then the sink.

I worked on this floor plan to utilize the best of space and yet fit into it a large tub and large walk-in shower.

Because the space is long and narrow, I didn't want the shower to over power the room and enclose it, so I chose glass.

The tumbled marble tile is my favorite and so to compliment the look of the marble, I faux finished the walls and glazed over it for wash-ability. And not that there isn't enough interest and texture here, I decided to add shreds of old French wallpaper for an extra element of surprise. More is more in my equation. 

I love this French washstand and since I chose a pedestal sink it is perfect to hold "stuff" next to it.

Isn't this mirror wonderful... I got it from Theresa's wonderful shop 
Time Worn Interiors
I had the pleasure of going earlier this year, here.

Cote' Bastide my favorite, can't beat the packaging and the fig scent is 2die4!

I love these old English linen curtains... the best part about them is they have been patched, matched perfectly and hand stitched. I love that someone cared enough about them to put so much work into them even after they were worn out.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. Swooning! That is one of the most romantic bathrooms I have ever seen. Oh, I am crazy for it!!

  2. Oh Rebecca ..... my bathroom shelf looks just like yours....I have the Cote Bastide Fig Bubble bathn and the same soap !! Everytime my husband has a bath he shouts out ' I'm just going to open that soap with the red string round it' !!!! I've had it for ages and won't allow anyone to open it yet as I love the packaging SO much !!
    Your bathroom looks fantastic. I love every last bit of it from the beautiful curtains to the finish on the walls.You are SO clever Rebecca.
    Hope that you are over the 'flu now and getting back to your old self.
    Enjoy everything you do this weekend and look after yourself. Much love. XXXX

  3. The great thing about freeing up your time is that you are then open to new possibilities. I LOVE your bathroom. Very old world and the colors are great. The curtains are beautiful. Best wishes for your upcoming events. Tammy

  4. Totally dreamy bathroom, Rebecca! - and I am SO with you on DST, this should be a national holiday in my book.

    Have fun and your upcoming events; I'm certaint hat they'll be a smashing success for you.


  5. Can I move in???? huh, can I, can I??? I could so easily live in your gorgeous home Rebecca. I love every beautiful square foot of it!!!
    Have a great time at the market. What fun!! I hope we get to see the pics.
    Hugs from me...

  6. Amazing love what you did with that room.Everything looks so amazing.I love cote baside is one of my favs too.I am going to try and make it to the show next Friday.I am going to start some home painting projects.We are in for spring weather so I better take advantage of that.But I hope on Friday I can sneak away from it.

  7. Oh WOW!!! This is one amazing bathroom, Rebecca. You've included so many little details to make this so romantic and beautiful. Love those walls.....
    ~ Sue

  8. I could almost live there, dear Rebecca- what a most beautiful, and lovely room. You are wonderfully clever in decorating and painting, getting just the right look allover in your home.
    The walls and the curtains are gorgeous , and everything so amazing.
    I wish you happy tours to both destinations, and hope they will be succesful for you.

  9. You have definitely achieved an old world look, that is, if they would have had bathrooms. Very pretty and romantic!


  10. Who knew someone could make torn pieces of wallpaper look so good. That's a great way to get some wall paper up without doing the whole room.


  11. I just commented and it disappeared into blog spaceland...ugh..
    Anyway, I SAID I love your redone bathroom. I can tell that you put a lot of work and thought into it. Love those old patched curtains, too.

    Have fun at your upcoming events. xoDiana

  12. Oh my Rebecca, your bathroom is GORGEOUS! Can I come and stay????

    Have a blessed weekend,

  13. Rebecca--I can't wait to meet you at Polly's house at The Vintage Market. I'm Ann, from Nellie's Barn Sale, where Polly sets up twice a year. Your home is absolutely gorgeous...I love your bathrooms and your attic. I'm only part way through your blog but will relish the rest. See you Friday!

  14. Love, love, love your Bathroom!...Hey love, love, love u too!

  15. If that was my bathroom I would never leave. I like how you made it vintage and yet still contemporary with the open shower. Once again you have me drooling!

  16. Oh my mercy, I am in love with this bathroom! WOW! SO beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Goodness...I don't know where to begin. Let me start by saying that mirrow above the sink is gorgeous and speaking of mirrors. You have so many beautiful ones in there...I'd have to take a shower with my clothes on to keep from catching a sight of my personal gravity at work!
    When you get to Polly's, will you give her a big ol' hug from me? She, her hubby...and that gorgeous hair of hers is a delight for the eyes and soul.

  18. Gah...I can't spell. Make that "mirror" not "mirrow". You'd think I was talking about fishing for pity's sake!

  19. I was just looking at your Etsy shop and love all your stuff, I'm pretty sure I need every one of your pieces.

  20. Oh my goodness! That is the most stunning bathroom! I love the old linen curtains and the lace above them. What a wonderful wall treatment! Gorgeous!
    Good luck at your Ladies Night and the Vintage market! Both sound like lots of fun!
    Blessings, Linda

  21. hi rebecca~
    i loved meeting you at the vintage market!!!i hope that sunday was as busy as saturday, wow what a show!!! you ladies did an amazing job, so glad i got to be there and of course i LOVE all my purchases. beautiful blog!!! we got some great pictures too!

  22. I wanted to let you know how much I loved the pages you did in the book that Lisa McIlvain made. I saw it when we were visiting Texas last week. Your pages and her cover complimented each other beautifully!

  23. astonishing photos and very touching honesty, I had to stop and say...congrats on your blog :).


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