Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Lilacs

I hope you had a great week, I didn't get too much accomplished after last weekend. It was wonderful to see my family but it was a quick trip and it took me the better part of the week to recover.

Today I cut some of my lilacs and brought them in the house. I love lilac, it fills the whole yard with the most heady aroma... I love going from the house to the studio and being surprised by the scent that seems to envelope you. It only is too fleeting. I have been meaning to bring them in all week and haven't so today before I miss them entirely I did.

Lilac is tricky, they tend to wilt when you bring them in... some varieties more than others. I have several different kinds and I have long forgotten their names. The old purple bushes that have been here on the property since we came here 22 years ago, seem to hold up the best when cutting. But as you'd have it, those are not the ones I want indoors. 

The trick is to pound the ends and break up the stems a little so they are able to drink in the water. I use my meat mallet and it works well.  

I also put a little floral life in the water.

No, it is my double French lilac that seems to be a bit more temperamental.  I love the delicate color of these, just a blush of color when open but the most beautiful shade of dusty violet on their plump buds.  

 I also have a double white French Lilac that looks like little star bursts.

They bloomed so early this year, never have I had tulips and lilac bloom at the same time. And they suffered some for it, they got a little nip of frost on them.

I cut quite a few and placed them in my ironstone pitchers throughout the house. I hardly ever use vases.

These drape so gracefully because the buds on this variety is so large and heavy.

And I couldn't forget the family room... I am sure my husband will appreciate the scent...

I think that is enough lilac...

I want to say thank you to Beth Livesay for giving me a shout out in the latest issue of Romantic Homes.

Well, maybe one more...



  1. I love lilacs too, and I love your arrangements. I saw you in Romantic Homes. Congrats!

  2. Your photos of your gorgeous lilacs and your stunning home are so lovely! Thank you for sharing. I can almost smell their sweet fragrance!

  3. mmmm..I love the way the smell too :) & I have yet to bring any in!
    Maybe tomorrow :)....

  4. oh...I am sooo jealous! I soooo love are the luckiest woman!
    glad to see you are doing well

  5. Just beautiful!!! I will have to remember that tip about opening up the ends...I never knew that! Have a great weekend :o)

  6. Oh Rebecca...Your post is BEAUTIFUL TODAY!!!! I could look at your lilacs and pictures for another hour!!! I'll take another look at them~ Thanks. If you look on my blog post yesterday I think I have two different kind of lilacs I posted. They were still on the bushes~ They also belong to my daughter's neighbor and she is going to break up some of her bushes and share them with us! I am soooo excited!!! :) ♥♥♥

  7. Oh Rebecca...the lilacs are all so beautiful to me!!! And of course the way you display them makes them even more beautiful....I hope all is well in your world sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn (and congratulations on the publishing too!!!)

  8. I LOVE lilacs...their look, their smell. This time of year is so heavenly to walk in my neighborhood. I cut some of my lilacs and brought them in. For the first time, they lasted. I think it is because I cut them early in their blooming, but thank you for the tip about pounding the stem. I did not know that, but it will come in handy. Your different varieties are so pretty...I see some pinning going on in my future!

    Oh and I was tickled to see you in RH. YAY!

  9. l too love lilac and planted a gorgeous mauve one last year, but your double French one is sooo beautiful and l've never seen one before. Thanks also for the tips on keeping them fresh in a vase. Your pics are really lovely too.

  10. They are so lovely. . I'm from Texas, and sadly, lilacs just don't grow here. It's one of the things I look forward to when I get to Brimfield in May. Crossing my fingers that they will still be blooming while we are there.


  11. our too warm Virginia winter caused the lilacs to not set bloom-- so no blooms this year- thanks for sharing yours

  12. It's all gorgeous Rebecca. I'm just heading off to sleep and I'll be dreaming of sweet lilacs.

  13. Your lilacs and photos of them are just gorgeous and I can just about smell them through my screen! That French lilac is beautiful. I wanted to go cut some today, and my one bush has already passed its prime for cutting. I so wish they would last longer. Congratulations on that little feature in Romantic Homes!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  14. I love lilacs they are a beauty and your pictures are fantastic. I love them in the basket and in the pitcher. Just beautiful. I love the smell of them too.


  15. Rebecca,
    Your lilacs are so pretty.Love all the ironstone pitchers they are in.I have a lilac bush I planted two years ago.Last year there were buds but it hardly bloomed.This year so far just a few have bloomed.I don't know what is wrong.Any suggestions?

  16. It is to warm here in Georgia to grow them... I loved seeing yours. That was one of my favorite flowers back when I lived in Wheaton ,Ill. ( 30 years ago ) You have so many GORGEOUS varieties ! Thanks for Sharing...

  17. They are stunning, dear Rebecca, and some of my favorite flowers, too- their fantastic sent, and beauty is something so special,to me- and I love the big row, in our garden. Here also I do have so many of the old lilac ones, as they were the ones my husbonds parents have grown, but also there are some whites and light lilac....but the beauties you show here, I can only dream for.Congratulations of the feature in R.H. dear, and a happy week-end.

  18. beautiful photos Rebecca - I love lilacs and can´t wait tof them to blossom over here. Still some time as spring haven´t arrived yet.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Hey Rebecca,

    You have convinced me! I must get some Lilac bushes. I can just smell them now!


  20. Rebecca, such beauty makes me so thankful for life and your God given talent too. Bless you friend this day. love, Olive

  21. Your lilacs and photos are so beautiful. Mine are just tiny little buds, but it looks like I will have quite a few this year:-) I wish I had a white one, but only two different shades of purple. They are still one of my favorites!!

    Hope all is well and glad you had a nice visit with your family.


  22. One of my favorite times of the year is when the lilacs bloom. Yours are so pretty that I can almost smell them from here, even though they have yet to bloom in my area. They make your lovely home even lovelier.

    Thanks for sharing the bit of info on crushing the stems! Never knew that!

  23. Rebecca- This is my favorite post today. I LOVE lilacs. They are my favorite flower and I adore the way they smell and look. I can't wait until ours bloom -another month away. I hope you have a scent, love-filled weekend- xo Diana

  24. Rebecca, your photos and your lilacs are so beautiful! Gorgeous displays!

  25. Stunning, simply stunning!
    Your home must smell heavenly!

  26. Beautiful... beatiful... beautiful...
    It is charming...

  27. Good big are your bushes that you can gather that many gorgeous blooms?
    I would give my right arm to be able to raise lilacs, but in my part of the world they just don't do well. My mother would talk of playing under a lilac bush when she was a little girl, but for me...they just wither.
    I guess I'll just have to settle for the smell of confederate jasmine when it starts blooming and I got a hunch that's gonna be earlier than usual too!
    Just beautiful R.E.

  28. Rebecca,
    I was so proud to see your home in my new RH. You are so blessed to live in such an amazing home with your family close. You have a magical touch with all you create.
    I adore lilacs but unfortunately here in Texas we have to settle for crepe myrtles which don't compare in the least. I'll bet your home smells like heaven!

  29. Your lilacs are beautiful. Our house has been filled with the smell of hyacinth this past week. I wish I had some lilacs to bring in next.

  30. oh my... gorgeous! Ours are just beginning to bloom and my daughter brought in a small bouquet for me yesterday, the scent is heavenly. Thank you for the tip about the mallet, I will try it when we bring in some more! Have a fabulous day! t.xoxo

  31. Beautiful flowers, they look stunning in the jugs. So glad to come across your beautiful blog. Blessings Niki x

  32. I love lilacs. We have several at our house in town and my husband has been digging up the starts and replanting them on our property in the country. Love them I tell ya.

    Cindy bee

  33. BEAUTIFUL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  34. I am new to your blog, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I love all things lilac, and your bouquets and how you display them are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!

  35. ...gorgeous, Gorgeous, GOR-GEOUS!!!!
    your photo's look like pages from Jeanne d'Arc Living:)

    i think i will just stay awhile and swoon over this loveliness...
    now ~ if only someone could invent a "smell it" app ~ lol!!

    xo, Rosemary

  36. all gorgeous!!
    such beautiful vignettes

    barbara jean

  37. Hi Rebecca, I am new to your blog. And I hope you don't mind if I live on it from here to eternity. I adore your style. I want to mimic many vignettes of yours. Starting with your kitchen. I love everything you do. Please don't ever quit sharing!!!
    Chat with you on FB!!
    Ciao for now.
    Shabby Jen

  38. Your lilacs are gorgeous Rebecca! I will have to try that trick to prevent wilting. :)


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