Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magnify Monday

Magnify Monday...
I received a most wonderful gift from my son last Christmas... 
a new camera.
 It is a Cannon Rebel... I still have it on automatic,
 (which I plan on changing soon -when I get the time to look into it)
 but... a most amazing gift came with it. The lens opened a new world for me, it opened the door to the details of my life that the Lord has given me.
 It took the hidden and magnified them as praise in my life to the Lord. It created in me a thankful heart.
 Now I have been taking pictures for years and I appreciated my snap and shoot but somehow this camera with it's long lens brings clarity into my life and with it some perspective of the most beautiful details of my life that I had been missing. With this camera I become part of the process... holding it to my eye and closing everything else out I become one with it and I see with a new perspective.
 I found with this new found clarity that thankfulness became joy in my life... my details that surround me, my everyday life turned to joy in the details. The life that I didn't take time to notice or ponder on for just a couple of seconds I see now. When I look through the lens I see a beautiful world in its most intimate setting, it is seeing with my spiritual eyes the life that surrounds me... my true reality. 
And so this Sunday morning as I sit here having my morning coffee on the patio enjoying the beautiful day I have before me... 
I grabbed my camera and saw through the lens a most beautiful world which transformed my already lovely morning into thankfulness and praise.
 It magnified the Lord!

It got me to thinking... Maybe there are others who would like to join me on this journey of capturing the details of life.  You don't have to have a great camera or be a photographer.
 I certainly am not. It is all about appreciating what surrounds you. It is just seeing through the lens of your own life.
Join me every Monday for a linked photo gathering.
Magnify Monday  

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.
Psalm 34:3

Isn't this little guy amazing? 

Please join me every Monday starting June 11 for

Magnify Monday

A photo linked gathering

Blessings today!


  1. Miss R...I so hope one day to get a Rebel Camera. Right now my trusty OLD THING will have to do.

    You ARE an amazing photographer...but I think when art lives within someone (truly a gift from God) it comes out in all areas...not just one. I love the idea of Magnify Monday. Makes my heart sing.

    Blessings to you today.

    Love, Rebecca PS: I like my new banner, too. It's was HARD tho getting away from all the pink. Still love it...but need to press on...

  2. I love those pics of the dragonfly. You can see the fabric through it's wings! Amazing. I hope to join your linky party soon. Sounds like fun. Have a blessed week. Pamela

  3. Woo who! I am so glad you are enjoying your fab new camera!
    Great pics!
    hugs from here

  4. This sounds wonderful, Rebecca. I never noticed the beauty in the details before I started taking photos on my blog. The beauty and wonder in the small things has been such a wonderful gift. If I can shoot manual my friend, so can you. Once I flipped the switch I haven't gone back!!

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    This sounds like such fun, the pictures are stunning! Now how did you get that little dragonfly to land on his color coordinated cushion?!
    I love the way God opens our eyes to the beauty that's all around.
    See you next week!

  6. Rebecca,
    I agree that it's amazing how the photos can really help you notice little details that we overlook a thousand times in a normal day. I really find it helps me see the beauty in even the smallest things. We have so much to be thankful for - big and small!

    I'll look forward to your new link party!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  7. Wow, Rebecca! You do a great job with that camera...and it is still on Automatic settings? Holy cow, got "the eye" for it! Love it-xo Diana

  8. Oh I'm so happy for you. I LOVE my Rebel. You are going to have a ball. I hope to join you one of these Mondays. Sounds like a great idea!


  9. Isn't it magic what you see through the viewfinder Rebecca? It is therapy for me to steal away with just my camera and look at my life in a close-up.

    I just read your previous post and let me say-------I love you girl!!!!! I am SO proud to know you!
    love from me...

  10. Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well g7capsules

  11. Great looking photos! I love taking close up photos!

    I still have my camera on auto as well!


  12. Don't you love your Rebel? I've had one for a few years now, and I hate to admit I am still shooting with the auto feature, but the photos still are so much better than my old point and shoot. I've enjoyed it.

  13. R.E.,
    I friend once told me having a camera is only a small part of photography. Having the "eye" is the bigger part...and you've defintely got the eyes.
    I think this is a beautiful idea and look forward to seeing all the photos that are linked up.

  14. Oh they are so beautiful dear, the close ups are stunning, and the nature of God surely amazing, you have taken such wonderful photoes in your garden, I love the dragonfly photoes Rebecca.
    Love and blessings-

  15. Hi Rebecca, what a lovely gift your son gave you and you have indeed discovered the depth and breadth of the world around you... cameras are wonderful for that - they open the world up for you like it never has been before! Your photographs are lovely and I most definitely love the dragonfly (they are a passion for me, amazing little creatures)! I look forward to joining in as often as I can...oh I came by you via Romeo the junkyard cat (also my absolute favorite blog on the, love, love kitties)! Thanks for coming up with this great weekly challenge...
    Beth P


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