Thursday, July 19, 2012

Horton's French Market 2012

I am back from a fun filled week in Indiana, the show was a success and better yet, I got to spend some time with some of my favorite gal pals. I have to say those 3am chatterings at the table caught up to me when I got home but it was worth it!

Jody Lynn, my first born and show partner...

April Lea, Donna's only daughter and show partner...

Miss Donna herself, show producer and hostess with the mostess...

And last but by no means least Tot our little Kentucky hillbilly... 

In spite of the heat and humidity we all outdid ourselves in booth setup and design.
 Tot won the best booth award and a 100 gift cert to boot!

Because of the heat, attendance was down from last year but sales were up, so it is always hard to determine a show.

 The Horton's worked hard and Donna outdid herself on this show and I want to say a great big


and Karen Horton

The French Market at Horton's of Tipton IN,
 is in it's 4th year of production and it has really captured the essence of Provence. The minute you walk under the lavender archway you have passed quickly in time from rural Indiana to a little French marche' in the heart of Paris. 
Come walk with me and visit the French vendors of the market.

Warning... many pictures, be prepared to be inspired and 
you might want to grab a cold drink.

Jackie from Shambora Studio

Cute... Holly Beth Horton rocked her space!

The shop gals and Alee always have a wonderful look...

The Secret Garden is always open at Horton's

Thank you for staying with me, I will be posting on Jody and my space at the end of the week... please stay tuned!



  1. Rebecca, Your pictures of the flea market are great. I wanted to say hello to your beautiful daughter but never got the chance. She is a beauty like her mom.:) I thought every booth had so many wonderful things. Get some rest. xoxo, Susie

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  3. it looks so fun! what a wonderful show! I am doing my first show in years next weekend, A Vintage Gathering...and am a bit terrified! thanks for the inspirational pics!

  4. So many great spaces and goodies...I can't stand it!!! wish this was closer I'd have been there!
    Glad you had a wonderful time with all the gals, big hugs!

  5. I was soo bummed i missed this show especially since its donna's last one...Rebecca please convince her to do one more....i just luv seeing all the lovely things you all bring..hugs

  6. Thanks for showing us the show! I was sorry I missed it but my son got married in Chicago last weekend. I really enjoyed it last year and hope it will be held again next summer!

  7. Rebecca, what a fabulous market. Ya'll are so talented. I would love to attend such a place. We have nothing like it in the south. xoxo, olive

  8. wonderful picture i feel like i walked past every booth

    I want to whine and say wish there was something like that around here LOL

  9. R.E.,
    I'm lovin' all the smiles on all the beautiful people! I'm also laughing so hard I think tears are running past my knees at your imitation of our favorite hillbilly TOT. Spot on on! I can hear her in my head.
    The only thing I saw missing was me.

  10. Rebecca,
    Beautiful photos.What a lovely show!And wonderful weather too!Wish I was there.

  11. Sublime. Thank you for sharing your photos. This looks like such a wonderful venue.

  12. Looks very fun - great tour of this show!

  13. Rebecca- What a visual overload. OMGOODNESS! Just unbelievable. I don't know which is more beautiful...the goods or all the wonderful gals running the show! TOT won? Really? What a surprise....hahahaha....She is something else-that gal! Blessings and thank you for letting ME experience the show, too- xo Diana

  14. Hey Girlie!
    Just got home from the wedding dress shop o rama! We are plum pooped! I love all the adorable shots you got except for the one of me...of course! I already miss you and can't wait to get together again...this time, no work, no late nights...just giggles and champagne!
    April Lea says "Hey Aunt Bea"
    love you bunches

  15. Eye candy overload, Rebecca. Thanks for all the beautiful photos. So many fantastic, creative booths. Glad you had a good show. The heat has been so oppressive. I think I'm still recovering from my show.

  16. Oh my gosh! All that vintage goodness feeds my soul! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see your booth, you are always so inspiring! karen...

  17. Thank you sweetie for the tour. SO many wonderful photos Rebecca, of so many wonderful spaces! I can't wait to see more. I hope you had so much fun!
    I saw the photos of your space over at Donna's and it is drop dead gorgeous!!!!
    sending love...

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  19. First of all I want to say to Ms. Trash Mouth! @#>+}*&%$! How dare you! Hahahaha!

    You captured the show wonderfully! It was so much fun! And thank yo very much you captured the fact that I need to go on a diet! I hate having my picture made!

    That sweet Jody is so beautiful! She has a lovely personality to go along with it! I am so glad I got to meet her!

    I already miss you guys!


  20. Oh my goodness, dear Rebecca, so many wonderful photoes, I don`t know where to begin to comment on them, so will only say, I loved every one, all the goodies, the sweet people, and their gorgeous spaces.
    Can`t wait to see your and Jody`s space Rebecca.
    Blessings and hugs,Dorthe

  21. I loved your display--the sewing machines & ribbon--so beautiful!!

  22. Looks absolutely delightful. And perfect weather, though it might have been hot. We were in Paris last year and overnight, across the street from our hotel, a flea market went up at the park. Amazing what was available. And by that evening, it was all gone -- as if it never even happened. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  23. electricity compare

    It sure feels like I was there shopping with you. I love those vintage stuff. I hope I can visit the market some other time.

  24. Hi Rebecca!
    The photos are great! This was my first year attending the French Market. I was impressed by so many hand-made items. It was also good to meet you. I'm looking forward to more stories about the reservation.


  25. Glad you had a good time in Indiana! I sure wish I could have visited the flea market this year, but had other plans. So thank you for the pictures. I poured a cup of coffee and enjoyed the show!

    Cindy Bee

  26. Hello Rebecca ~ thank you so much for sharing all these fabulous displays!!
    I love being inspired and challenged to create new displays in my own booth!
    Going back to peek again!

  27. Wow!! That is some SERIOUS eye candy!! Love it! Thank you for stopping by and following me-I'm so happy because now I found you and I love your blog and am your newest follower :)


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