Monday, July 23, 2012

Vintage Living at Horton's French Market

I just got back from Indiana again, visiting a day with Donna for a wedding shower. 
She is in full wedding mode now as two of her children are getting married in the next few months. 
Her son Tommy and Amanda in October and her daughter April and Russell in January. 
April gave Amanda a shower this past weekend in the little cottage in Donna's beautiful back yard. 

And of course Donna's decorating was over the top...

April and Amanda

We have had a full week as Donna and April were here in Chicago this past week looking for wedding dresses for April.
 It was a fun time but after a full week of setting up for 
the French Market and then shopping and then the shower, we are all due for some down time,
especially Donna who produced the whole event.

Isn't she adorable!

She did not say "Yes" to any of these dresses. 
However she did find one!

But, before all this we had the Horton's French Market
(my last post) 
and I did promise pictures of my daughters space and mine. 

Jody's space was next to mine in the pergola area, I had the small greenhouse. It was hot, but very fun!

I give you Le Faded Fleur 

My beautiful daughter Jody...

Through the door from Jody's space into mine
Vintage Living

The theme was the heart of Provence which made me think of
 French linens and lavender. My color  palette was gray and dusty  lavenders. I painted the 4 x 6' panels to represent lace and lavender.

I hung clothes line from pulleys across the room and hung my hand dyed clothing. 
I also hung prayer flags across the front of the space to define it

My theme was Paris atelier meets Provence

Hand dyed ribbons

This is getting long again... I might not post often but when I do you 
you get your money's worth!

We also did "Make and Takes". A short tutorial and fun craft project to make on the spot. Since my theme was clothes line we made decorated clothes pins with a magnet attached to put on the fridge or metal bulletin board.

One of the mime's modeling my aprons.



  1. Amazing my friend! so glad to talk to you today!! thanks for all the wonderful photos and inspiration, xoxo


  3. I loved all the photo's...what talent!!! Hugs, Penny

  4. Holy Cow! So many gorgeous images I almost can't take it all in...from the shower to the wedding dresses...isn't she beautiful? Horton' YOUR OWN beautiful daughter. What fun you must have had BUT you do need a day or two down now! Blessings- xo Diana

  5. Oh my! I enjoyed shopping with you today! Love the place!

  6. Your space is brilliant Rebecca. One of my passions is vintage linens. xoxo, Olive

  7. Oh, SOoooo LOVELY!!! I loved that your post went on & on...Many beautiful things to enjoy! Your daughter is so sweet looking and very pretty! Her booth, so great to view! You both inspire me to stay busy creating!! Thank you so much for sharing, Hugs, Maki

  8. You sure have a lot of cute items to sell! I hope you did well at the event. The craft of decorating clips is such a nice idea to draw people in.

  9. Just GLORIOUS!!!! I mean it...everything is absolutely AMAZING Rebecca!!! But that is so YOU...and thank you so much for sharing it all with us, you KNOW we love it! I need to go back and look at each photo again ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  10. What a feast for the eyes! Gorgeous photos of such lovely treasures. Can't ever have enough photos to look at, lol.

  11. Oh sweetie Rebecca,
    you and your daughter, surely have a special eye for decorating and making displayes, at home AND in markets.
    How very wonderful, and all so French and lovely looking. You made an amazing Vintage Living Atelier-my dear.
    So many things I love.
    Blessinga and hugs,Dorthe

  12. Soaking up all this inspiration...truly beautiful displays (and display makers)!

  13. Rebecca, You and your daughter are beautiful women. I like the big painting you had in your area. The French Flea was such great fun. xo, Susie

  14. It was such fun to have you and Jody this year! Your spaces were gorgeous as always and even better to have you stay at the house as well!
    Amanda's shower was such fun! Thank you so much for making the turn-around trip for April! She did good on her 1st shower!
    Have a great week and hopefully get some rest!
    Hugs and much love

  15. Absolutely beautiful! Love all the photos - almost like being there but not as much fun as I couldn't shop ;) You know I love to shop!!!! I hope it was a good show for you and Jody both.


    "Her" and Romeo

  16. Gobsmacked...that's the only word to describe how I feel right now. Just amazing stuff and the details...oh mylanta!
    I've been agonizing on how to create a check-out without taking up too much space and yours is brilliant my dear...brilliant!
    I'm in love with your paintings. I noticed on Donna's post today and now on yours how much clothes-line poles resemble crosses...washing away our life spills and our sins.
    Love you didn't know that and miss you,

  17. WoW! Simply amazing! Is a post of treasures! Love it!
    And I agree with the statment of your blog *Life is a process of continual discovery and growth*
    I'm Happy to have met you on the web!
    Enjoy your summer
    Warm Regards from Italy


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