Friday, August 24, 2012

Casa Romantica... who knew?

I guess I have some catching up to do... again. 
My summer has been filled to overflowing just as yours probably has. What ever happened to those lazy, hazy, crazy, dayz of summer??? 
I guess they went out with Nat King Cole...

My sweet mom...

Sis and I

I just got back from visiting my family in Minnesota, my mother and sister were here in IL for a week and then I drove them back home to Minnesota and stayed for awhile. 
It was good. I stayed with my mom and so did my sister, so we got caught up, so to speak on our worlds. 
Family, newest projects, newest revelation... our conversations always turn to what God is doing in our lives and what has been revealed to us lately. Isn't that how everyone's catch up sessions go?
 When it comes to scripture we can get into some lively sessions... we tend (I tend) to get excited and when I do that my voice rises... I am trying not to do that. But our discussions always challenge us to think on a deeper level. 
All three of us are reading Raising Hell by Julie Ferweda, somewhat controversial but not for our family. I am only half way through it but so far so good. I will give my opinion when I finish. Have any of you read it?

I want to give a big thank you to Tina at Tiny Bear Studios. 
She was vacationing in Italy... I know, nice huh? My number one place to visit next!  
Anyway, I get a text from her and it said something like this, " I am in Milan, sitting at a street cafe sipping on a cappuccino and paging through a magazine I just bought... you have a nice article in it, did you know that?"
I answered, No! I asked her about the article and wondered if it was the same one that was in Romantic Country. It was not.
Several weeks later I got this in the mail...

 This evidently was a combination of several issues, kind of a collectors edition. So there were several cover pages within this issue. I was surprised at how many pages there were!

Since I do not speak or read Italian, I can only guess at some of this...  but it looks as though they offered some tutorial with the article to reproduce some of the antiques I had.

This was so much fun and a nice surprise... I guess I made it to Italy after all, ha! Thank you again Tina, I am sending you a little thank you in the mail.

Also in this edition was a nice article on Polly's home 
The French Cupboard

Did you know that Polly?
 If you want to see it, I'll put the pot on!

Wishing all of you a lovely weekend...

Will be joining Debra at Common Ground for her Friday Vintage party...
 Thanks Debra!


  1. God uses us in ways we don't even know about... What a Testimony you and your Beautiful Home are. His LOVE shines through in all do ! Sowing Seeds for Him in Italy ! WOW...Blessings

  2. What an honor and a blessing!! One of my dreams...bucket list!! to make it in a magazine. I was wondering where you were...glad you are back...missed you!

  3. I know it must have been wonderful to spend that time with your mom and sister. And wow, surprise, surprise on seeing your home in the Italian press. Seeing "Jesus" written on the wall says it all!! xoxo

  4. How fun and exciting!!
    I enjoyed your post so much. I think you are so fortunate to still have your mother and enjoy being with your sister. What a blessing!
    Hmmm... Minnesota.... blonde.... Swedish? Norwegian?? My husband is of Swedish descent with a little bit of family in Minneapolis.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. It sounds like you had great family time! And congrats on the pages and pages in the Italian mag! How exciting :)

  6. Wow, what a fun surprise that would be!!!! It all looks so lovely.....glad you had a great time with your family too. Nothing is more important than that!

  7. Wow! That is some spread. How funny that Tina would be the one to spot it. Can they actually put you in print without telling you first? Hard to believe August is about over. I start back to work tomorrow after the summer holiday. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

  8. Rebecca, How wonderful. It must be nice to be published:):) I love that your articles are in an Italian magazine.:):)Glad you got to have family time with your mom and sister.xoxo, Susie

  9. Dearest Rebecca,

    Congrats with being published at Casa Romantica!
    Found you at Tammy's blog about Cochem and read about your Dad having been to Germany.
    Guess it would have been worthwhile for having joined him.
    One never knows how little time will be left for sharing family and culture.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Rebecca,
    Congratulations on being featured! Your home is beautiful and you are truly talented! How exciting to have your home featured in a magazine in Italy!

  11. Now that you are famous in Italy you can probably get free room and board somewhere. That only seems fair:) Your home should be it's own magazine so I'm not surprise they included many photos. I follow Tina on Instagram and have loved seeing her travels to Italy as well as her work. What a nice gift to send you.
    Ok now I'm going to go back and drool over your article.


  12. So glad that you got some Quality Time to spend with Family this Summer. I've missed my Mom terribly since she moved out of State last year, but I'm sure my Brother is enjoying finally having her close enough to where he lives that they can now catch up and see each other daily.

    Congrats on being featured in Italy! That was great that your Friend was able to 'score' the Italian Magazines for you.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. You´re most welcome Rebecca - I so happy I was able to find a copy for you. Loved seing the article about you and your beautiful home. You´re right about the diy spots in the back of the mag too. They do that - I just thought they had asked for it first...

    Sounds like you have had a lovely time with your family during summer time.
    Wishing you a blessed sunday

  14. I will read it to you the next time I see you... Hope all is well with you and your family


  15. Your love of Christ speaks loudly every moment of every day...whether you open your mouth or not. You are such a testimony to "living life so that others see God in you". And now, those lucky Italians are getting to see what we are priviliged to. Yippee!
    I just have to say...I would love to be in a corner listening in on you, your mother's and your sister's convos. I bet that is one "make a joyful noise" and a half.

  16. Still too funny!
    Love you miss you so glad to see a picture of you...gets me through my Rebecca Withdrawals! HAH! :o)
    hugs from here

  17. Dearest Rebecca,
    What a surprice for you, a wonderful set of photographs from your so beautiful home,
    I guess you would have liked to know about it, but the article is gorgeous.
    Wonderful for you to have spend time with your sister and mother- such a lovely photo of you two sisters.
    I wish you a beautiful late summer my dear.

  18. Rebecca - I have failed to visit you as much as I'd like to, but when I do pop in here, I am truly blessed. You are such a strong testimony of God's love and guiding hand in our lives. I have signed up to receive your new posts in my email box so I don't miss any more beautifully inspired heartfelt words. ♥ Hugs to you - and have a blessed holiday weekend!

    xoxo laurie

  19. Well here we are, months later and I'm so excited to learn that our home in this lovely magazine. I wish I would've known. Maybe I could have found a copy somewhere. Either way, it was wonderful to see you last weekend. I wish we could've stayed longer and really caught up. Thank you for showing me the article!!

    Blessings... Polly


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