Thursday, September 27, 2012

Working,Working... Working

It has been a beautiful first week of fall here. The days have been in the 70s and the nights cool. I love it when the sun is warm but the breeze is cool. Perfect weather for outside work and that is what I have been doing for the past few days. My yard has been neglected for the past 4 years... I hate to admit that but the shop took me away 6 days of the week and there was no time to work in the yard. So now it is damage control... little by little I will get it back to this...

Meanwhile I am painting the potting shed after my son redid the whole porch roof because it rotted from too much foliage growing over it. It took me 3 days and 5 lawn bags later of clipping and sawing to be able to paint. I am not done yet, but I will show you the finished shed hopefully next week.

It is that time of year again, pumpkin time!
This time of year the sewing machines are whirling and the hot glue guns are working hard on hand made goodies. If you are not working on fall chances are Christmas has exploded in your studio.
It is time for me to put the Christmas music on and start getting in the spirit of Christmas hand made goodness. I love this time of year.

Meanwhile, I am making pumpkins...

Sweater pumpkins with vintage millinery and lace

I also have been working on jewelry. I still had quite a bit of turquoise left over from my trip to Arizona a couple of years ago, so I used it. This turquoise is from the Kingman area and Bisbee mines in Az. 

And some shoe buckle bracelets...

I have opened my etsy shop again. Everything you see here is available on my etsy
All my etsy sales go to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
 They will be in great need through the coming months now, getting ready for winter. 

I hope this finds all of you well and happy. Safe travels to all those going to Round Top this week. 
I will be joining my friend Debra at Common Ground for her Vintage Friday party, please join me there.


  1. We really are having wonderful weather in our neck of the woods, Rebecca! Glad you got out for some clean up, your shed looks magical!

    I LOVE the pumpkins you made, I will be checking out your shop! What a great cause you are donating to. You have a heart of gold.


  2. going to check out your shop! Your creations are beautiful. The sweater pumpkins to the jewelry, love it all!

  3. Your studio is beautiful and so is your garden despite it getting out of control!At least things were growing LOL! My yard not so much!It is in a very sad state! Love your jewelry!

  4. Absolutely LOVE the sweater pumpkins! I agree, what a great cause! Have a great weekend!

  5. So cool! I always love it when you get into a jewelry making mood! Gorgeous!
    Love how the playhouse/potting shed is coming along...I know it has been a lot of work!
    Take care!
    hugs and much love

  6. Your pumpkins are fabulous...oh, I just love them! I hope you are taking time to enjoy the Fall!!

  7. I love that top hat with the key hanging from it! Looking forward to seeing your cute little retreat finished up!

  8. I so understand what you mean about doing damage control. I am in exactly the same situation at my house ~ trying to catch up on years of undone yard work and a rotten screened in porch. I am learning it doesn't pay to take on too much if my own home suffers as the result.
    Love your white pumpkins!!!!!!!!! They are just beautiful and so unique.

  9. busy bee you are, Happy to hear that thinks are stating to get back to normal If that's what you want to call it...Tia and I prayed everyday for you and your family. I know first hand how it can be. Anyway love all the handmade stuff you have been working on. Have a wonderful day looks like I will be seeing you soon. Take care of yourself and rest.


  10. Your garden cottage is so romantic, well worth fixing up, thanks for sharing, Aloha Raliegh

  11. Your garden shed is just wonderful, how sweet that your son redid the porch for you. I've been drooling over your jewelry my dear, it's just gorgeous!! Glad your Autumn days are filled with creativity and productivity!! xoxo

  12. Your garden cottage looks lovely. Its so majestic. It will be a great place to laze around and take a nap in the afternoon.
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  13. I love your sweet garden shed, and also your turquoise jewelry. That money will be appreciated on the reservation this winter.

  14. Hi Rebecca...I just love your bracelets!!!

  15. Hello Rebecca,
    These sweater pumpkins are soooo CUTE!!! I'm that charming little shed will look outstanding soon ( a lot better than mine).


  16. Oh those Sweater Pumpkins are Gorgeous, I Love them!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Rebecca, I adore those sweater pumpkins. You are so very talented. You have a good heart too. Smiles, Susie

  18. Hi Rebecca, Not surprised that the profit from your etsy goes to those in need. Your heart is amazing, and your pumpkins have your signature vintage abundance, just lovely, like you! Love, Penny

  19. Do you know how much you inspire me???? I just love you to pieces! Your new jewelry is stunning and the pumpkins--oh. the pumpkins!!! And then for the proceeds to go to the PRIR!

    Your potting shed is going to look wonderful Rebecca. I know how much work it is to paint it amid all the foliage, because I just painted the little shack in the woods. I still have to go back up to paint the door before winter, but what a relief to get this done. It has needed a paint job forever!!!!

    I just read your last post about Luke and Zack and now I am going to cry and not stop. I know a little about what you all have gone through and I know how it is and I just want to hold your daughter (and her whole family) in my arms and let them know how much I pray for moms like her who are caring for their beautiful children with such love. I am so proud of my children and the people they have turned out to be because they had Landon in their lives. I have people tell me all the time that they are remarkable (and they are) and I know that the twins siblings are the same. It gives one so much more capacity to love. The best thing about it is that we learn not to sweat the same stuff of life. I could go on and on about how I adored every photo you shared, every sweet feeling and even the hard things, which made me cry, but I will just tuck this beautiful post into my heart and keep it there.
    sending you much love Rebecca!

  20. Wow, i love all the pictures, you have been busy! love your shed and the pumpkins are adorable... Happy Fall!!!

  21. Just found your blog....wonderful! Only through divine inspiration could you create such beautiful things....God is indeed Good! To Him be the glory for your work..BLessings! Please stop by and follow along with me and my simple little blog..Through our Father in Heaven we have much in common.

  22. I have to say your potting shed is just darling. I love the gingerbreads and it looks like its coming along great. What a very sweet son to help you get it back in shape too! Now your sweater pumpkins are soooo darling I have to go to Goodwill and grab me some sweaters and get crafting some for myself. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent. God bless. Cathy


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