Tuesday, November 20, 2012

God Bless Texas

I am back from a road trip to Texas with my friend/sister Donna, after two weeks I am happy to be home. I do miss my lovely friends and extended family in Texas but my bed is a welcome comfort. 
We had such wonderful weather everyday, a special blessing for this Northerner.

We had a full two weeks of laughing, working, visiting, shopping and did I say working...
Donna's daughter April and her fiancee Russell just bought a home in the suburbs of Ft. Worth and so we painted, primped and set up their new home. They have a beautiful home and acreage, it was such a treat to the senses. But I fell in love with their precious spirits and the love they have to share with all that come through their Texas doors.

Donna worked her magic on the inside.

and even set up Christmas for her sweet baby girl.

I found a new friend just over the fence, I call him Sugar.
 I got to bring him carrots everyday.

April will be married in January and we attended her lovely wedding shower. It was a beautiful day and it was done in her favorite color palette by her lovely aunts.

We spent the morning in Cowtown...

Silly... but fun

And we had a great time... (no, I did not get on this beast)

I seriously need another pair of these...

And then God blessed me with a day filled with these beautiful ladies. I have loved these gals since I first started blogging and became friends with them 5 years ago. What a treat to be able to hug their necks and chat like we never skipped a beat and just picked up like we saw each other every week. 
Debra of Talking Trash fame, her lovely daughter Jen, my sister Donna ;) of A Reclaimed Life and the talented Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered. It doesn't get any better than this folks!
Lovely women of God!

The chatter never stopped not even for this good brisket and chocolate bread pudding!
God Bless Texas...

And of course the Bella Baby... known throughout blogland.
Look at that face!

My trip was a time of strengthening the spirit and the body... I am thankful for this time, because as I write this I am in Minnesota for a funeral. A dear friend of the family has gone to be with the Lord in a tragic death. God has the victory even in this.

For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord's. For to this end Christ died and lived again, that we might be Lord both of the dead and of the living. Romans 14:7-9

Wishing all of you a Thanksgiving filled with the Love that only comes from the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.



  1. I have had you on my heart and in my prayers the last few days! Hugs and much love to you and your family!
    We had such a good time and it was so much fun getting to chill out in warmer weather....even if we did work our booties off!
    Have a safe trip home!
    love you bunches!

  2. Happy you and Donna had such a wonderful time, as if you could two do anything less....
    I am sad to hear of your loss, and during the upcoming holidays it is sadder still for the loved ones. Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Loved seeing TEXAS in your post title! You guys were close by. So glad you got to meet Deb in person - I had this honor recently too - so fun!

  4. Looks like you girls had so much fun! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    XXXX Ido

  5. R.E.,
    I'm crying like a big ol' baby. I swear up and down...it wasn't a long enough day.
    I also think we three must share a brain. We're all posting on the same day on the same beautiful lunch. It was wonderful to have church in the middle of a BBQ joint...perfect fellowship.
    You know I'm going to steal that photo of Bella don't you. I just wish everyone could have seen Donna on her knees playing in the dirt too!
    Love you, miss you and thinking of you always.
    Your wild child

  6. Next time call me! I want to come play too! It looked like a fun group and a fun day! Now you need to come back and stay longer, too many things to see in such a shot time! I'm glad you had fun. Come on back soon ya hear!xoxoxoxo-cindy

  7. Rebecca, You and Donna are so pretty in that picture together. I think it's great you met blog pals. April is a beautiful girl , with a wonderful mother. Sorry you came home to a funeral. I wish you and yours,a good thanksgiving. xoxo, Susie

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hope your day is filled with wonderful conversation, good food, family and friends!

  9. What a wonderful trip.
    And I am so sorry to learn of your family's loss.
    Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

  10. It looks like you had a beautiful, wonderful time. I saw previews over at Donna's blog. Blessings to you and I WANT those boots!!! xo Diana

  11. Oh Rebecca! What a lovely post! I'm so happy you got to meet those fabulous girls! I love them all! Glad you had a great trip!

    Sorry about your loss!

    You know how much I love you and Donna! Hope you guys have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  12. AWESOME pictures! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Dear Rebecca, I`m so sorry for you, you lost a dear friend.
    Your photoes here are so wonderful, all, and I love to see you and dear Lisa together,
    she wrote me, that it was a most wonderful meeting with you, sweetie and I`m sure it was,'and wish I could
    have been there ,too.
    I wish you and your family a beautiful Happy Thanksgiving , -maybe you know ,that we don`t celebrate it here in Denmark,
    but I say thanks every morning waking up!
    Love and hugs,

  14. Oh Rebecca... I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. Losing someone is always hard, but I think especially so when they're taken suddenly. I'm glad to know he's going to be with Jesus. I know that gives you comfort.

    Loved seeing the pictures of your Texas trip. What fun to get to play with all that decorating stuff. :-) I know your niece appreciated it and it's so wonderful to get to spend time with family.

    God bless you as you go through this difficult time...


  15. So beautiful post, Amazing pics. love them
    Parfum pas cher


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