Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Break

I am home from visiting my sister in Arizona, we (my better half and I) had a wonderful trip. 
It was just nice to sit in the sun and visit while the guys golfed. 
I am not a golfer nor am I remotely athletic. 
Instead I painted the desert from my sister's patio every morning with a cup of coffee in hand. 
That is my idea of starting the day...
 that is my idea of fun.

Easels set up and hubby content to sit and read. My sister and I painted together for the first time, she with her horse and I with the desert. I left my painting half finished and will finish it at another time. I can't wait to see Cindy's horse finished! 

The artist taking a break 

My lovely mom enjoying the sun and reading also... she travels by herself at age 87 from  Minnesota, not an easy journey. She is awesome! 
Such a treat to sit and chat with my sister and mom, we don't run and do a lot, we just catch up on life. 
Another main topic is the scriptures, we discuss, debate, examine and quote until we come to an understanding or not... it is my favorite thing to do. The more you pull and tug at the scriptures for understanding the more blessings you receive. 

And of course I brought my camera... I love the beauty of the desert...

 One of the things I miss most in the winter is the chirping of birds and the song of the mourning dove. I sat and just listened to the doves, they are my favorite of all birds, so soothing. 

It took me awhile to get a shot of this little fellow.

Desert quail, comical little fellows.

A beautiful day to go out for lunch!

And I even managed to find a Vikings restaurant far away from home... ha ha this one is for my kids! Great barbecue btw...

And so I am re-energized and re-grounded by family and sun with a better focus on my world. Thank you to my sister and her hubby, it was wonderful!
My mom, husband and I are back to this...

But... hopefully not much longer.

Meanwhile I am back to reality...
painting the family room and giving it a long needed new color. 
Still deciding which shade???

Leaning towards the middle gray. It is a gray with a lot of brown in it. This room gets a lot of sun so the color saturation can be high.

I am painting the trim close to the color that it was but it will be clean! The fireplace is on a lot in this room.

The next project to tackle will be the floor... I do not like the color that the hardwood has aged to. I am thinking of sanding and color washing it in a cream color. What do you think?

I hope your days are sunny and getting warmer...
I will leave you with a little sunshine.



  1. Great trip, great fun, great greys. Welcome back snow or not <3

  2. Wow- It looks like you had a wonderful time and I really love that your Mom is so spunky at her age. It will be fun to see your sister's painting AND yours when you finish it. Welcome is snowing hard here in Wisconsin today- UGH!!! xo Diana

  3. I look forward to seeing your desert painting and your sister's horse painting when they are completed. I like the dusky blue and grey of the desert in your photos, and that is a fabulous wall of windows in the room you are painting.

  4. I say do the whitewash on the floor. I'd do it in a heartbeat if Steve would let me. It's so wonderful that you and your mom and sister can encourage and grow each other in Christ! Glad it was an inspiring, peaceful, God-centered vacation. ((hugs))... Polly

  5. Rebecca, You had a nice break in it won't seem much longer till you'll have a wonderful spring. I like the colors you have chosen. I enjoyed all your vacation photos. Let us see when you are finished painting. xoxo,Susie

  6. Love the pictures of the desert- -- I have always wanted to go- now more than ever!

  7. All I can say is your Mom looks a whole lot younger and yes it is remarkable that she travels by herself. I definitely wouldn't want to go from Arizona back to your house this time of the year! Your room looks like a lovely one and I hope to get to see it when you have it finished, but knowing me I will miss it! Discussing Scripture---sounds like our family times ;-)

  8. glad you enjoyed your visit. we have a saguaro that we look at from our pool in our neighbors yard and we see and hear all kinds of chirpers. Right now some ducks are enjoying a dip or 2 in our pool. Not for long though..Arizona will be ready for summer soon,

  9. I am enjoying our warmer weather....and I always go out early to hear the birds. We only have a couple months to enjoy it...soon it is too hot!!

  10. So glad that you had a wonderful break in the Winter days- come on Spring!

  11. You sure have a lot of work on your plate. I, too, am trying to decide on paint colors and hoping to get plenty of volunteer help when I do the project. First because my ceilings at their shortest point are 9.5 feet high. Second, this old lady is not allowed on a ladder. Third, I cannot afford to hire painters. I am told to try to add color (whole house is white except for one tiny bathroom) instead of doing all white. I hate picking colors.

  12. Have I ever told you I used to paint? Not to the level of your talent, but enough that I understand the pleasure to be found in it. The secret of it is the forced act to actually take the time to look and find the beauty and colorization even in the humblest of objects. I can only imagine what your canvas holds.
    Speaking of your choices.
    P.S. I take my hat off to your Mom. Girl...there is no way I would travel that far by myself...even when I was a spring chick!!!

  13. Oh My!!! Your blog was such a breath of fresh air. I read the whole thing.... and I felt so refreshed. It was so nice to have a peek into your little vacation! Thank you for sharing with us! YOU are a blessing.

  14. Hello my beautiful friend. I am in awe my dear of your talent at painting. I am so glad you have decided to pick up the brush again. There is so much to comment on in this post. First...I want to be your mother when I grow up :) The fact that she still travels by herself at her age is remarkable. I LOVE driving by myself! It gives one time to really, really think (and pray).
    I love your beautiful house and no matter what you decide to do in the family room, I know it will be gorgeous!
    I'm so glad you got to go to see your sister and get re-energized. That is just how I feel when I go to stay with my sis.
    I am so glad to have come by and caught up with you Rebecca. You know I am inspired by you so much.
    Much love from me...

  15. What a beautiful trip with your family. Your photos are simply beautiful.

  16. Happy Easter dear Rebecca. How nice to relax with family in the sun with Gods word. You sound very happy and I am so pleased.
    I enjoyed seeing your painting, you are quite good.
    Enjoy the wall painting, it is a nice time of year to freshen things up. I know it will be beautiful, as you have colossal good taste. Grey will be refreshing, and lightening up the floor is a good idea. I do hope you will share the progress.
    God Bless You and Yours!

  17. It sounds like you had a wonderful family visit. I do not get to see my sister often enough despite the short distance - 100 miles.

    I too need to refinish our floors. I will keep watching for a post about your floors for inspiration.

  18. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! The birdie pics are just amazing!

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