Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vintage Living in Tennessee

I am home. It has been a fast and furious week, traveling first to Indiana and then down to Tennessee for the
City Farmhouse Barn Show.
Thank you to David and Kim for putting this all together and producing such a beautiful event.

My dear friend Donna, of Homecoming and I decided to travel and set up next to each other at the show. I loaded the trailer and headed to IN to meet Donna, she loaded her stuff and then we headed to TN. 
Her daughter April and son in law Russell helped us all week end. A big shout out to them for all the hard work that they did...
 Thank you!
It was a lovely show, held on the grounds of the Idyll by the River Farm. The vendors were all spectacular and I enjoyed seeing all the great displays and wonderful antiques.

Donna and I wanted to do a herbarium/greenhouse theme in our booths. 
Donna built a structure that looked like a greenhouse and her inspiration for it was the movie Practical Magic, her post is here. 
I have always loved the set design of that movie and since I sold to them for that movie years ago when I had my shop, it sounded fun.

The lovely Donna

And the beautiful Ms. April, who by the way is expecting a baby girl!

Donna has such a great eye for display!

My booth was not so ambitious...

My theme was more nature study/apothecary/herbarium look...
I had some technical problems with my walls because the ground was so uneven, I couldn't do what I had originally planned. 

My son made all the industrial lighting out of found vintage.

I made the stag out of felted white wool and a taxidermy form
We called him Charlie...

French linen pillows

 The bust was a store display from 1930 


Salesmen lace samples from the turn of the century under glass
and old books with watercolor paintings on the front page.

I painted "Leah" the cow in oil... Hebrew meaning for Leah is wild cow. The fern paintings are on burlap and made to look like fossils. 

Bottle Blessings

Nature studies on old book covers and herbariums on 
old album pages.

Watercolor on old book pages on slate clipboard

Pressed fern from my garden under glass with soldered frame

Blessings in a bottle and angel bottle

Leather cuffs embellished with old hardware

Watercolor on old book and ledger pages

I really enjoyed getting ready for this show the last few weeks. Sitting in my studio watching the birds drink from the fountain outside my studio and enjoying the beautiful weather.

The very best thing about shows is meeting up with wonderful old friends, meeting new ones and seeing women you have known through blogging or fb and giving them a big old hug around the neck!
This alone makes all the work worth while...

I want to thank all of you that came out to the show and especially the gals that stopped by and said hello and told me how much they appreciate my blog... Thank you. I will try to post more often :)
And a special thank you to Donna for all her hard work.


  1. Thank you for sharing all the goodness from the show! And I saw absolutely nothing wrong with your booth--it was beautiful just like the other ones! Tennessee in October--such beauty to see! Hugs, Jeannie

  2. I loved seeing all of your beautiful pictures of your booth...thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW! You and Donna are BOTH so very talented!!! Loved seeing all these images!! And for someone who says her booth was not "so ambitious", I totally disagree! I can tell that there was a lot of time, effort and creativity put into your displays, your items showcasing your talents, and the booth set up itself! I could have shopped in there for hours! I hope it was a great show for you!!


    "her" and Romeo

  4. Your booth was just gorgeous, Rebecca! I saw sooo many gorgeous finds and creations, it was a treat just to see it all. I glad that the show was successful, and you get to do what you love.
    It shows in all you do. Fabulous!
    Big hugs,

  5. Wow loving both of the great to see pictures of the show. I hoe you did well and took time to take it all in as doing shows can knock you outta your boots!

    Smiles & Blessings,

  6. My dear Rebecca~What a beautiful blog here today. LOOK at all those goodies and all those sweet people. Donna looks like a lot of fun to boot. I have to say that I am not usually fond of deer heads but Charlie is really sweet. You did a wonderful job with him. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week- xo Diana

  7. what memories!!! how fun for you!!!

    m ^..^

  8. What a wonderful blessing to meet you at the barnsale. You and your booth were just beautiful!

  9. Thank you for sharing your displays...truly inspiring!

  10. Hi It was so nice meeting you and being your neighbor at the show. Your work is truly beautiful . I can't wait to display my purchase in my new sewing room. Blessings to you.

  11. Wow your booth is amazing!! So many beautiful things!! Love the bust and I want Leah the cow!!! Did you sell her?? Just amazing pictures!!!

  12. Hello My Sweet!
    I am just getting around to doing a post on the "Tennessee Experience" as it now known in our home. I love your pictures! Saw a few things you made here that I missed at the event! too funny!
    Love you bunches and so glad to have gotten to spend time with you as always!

  13. Hello Rebecca,
    Your booth was beautiful and full of so many wonderful treasures. I saw where you made a comment on my blog about not seeing me at the did see me:) I came by on Friday morning and met you in your booth...I spoke with you for awhile about your blog and your shop that you closed.


  14. Wow that is so elaborate!!! So much work. I would have loved your booth. I love all things nature related. My favorite part of home educating my four children was nature studies. They kept nature journals that they sketched, pAinted, wrote and pasted items in. All of your art is beautiful!!! Hope you sold alot.

  15. Stunning... Simply stunning...


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