Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas at the FleaMarket

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving... we certainly did. I loved having my brood home, all 23 of them. 
My home was brimming with ruckus and laughter, it is good for this old house to be shaken now and then. 
It was turned upside down in every nook and cranny with Barbie dolls, star war figures, pop cans, plates, wine glasses, dog bones... everything out of place and every dish in the house dirty. 
(Well, maybe not all of them) . 
The sound of kids running up and down the stairs, 
laughter ringing from every room 
and the smell of coffee brewing with a mix of pumpkin pie... 
yes, I am blessed.

I didn't really take pictures this year

Now that the cold weather has hit I am glad I put my lights outside ahead of time. I think the whole nation has been cold...

Studio in the back

Potting Shed

Front yard with fresh snow

Nothing like walking in a light snowfall at night...

The weekend after Thanksgiving I did the December Fleamarket with my kids, Jody and James.
 Jody brought some of her things and James has been making  industrial lighting out of vintage finds.

Here is our booth...

Here is some of James' lighting, it will be available in my etsy shop as well...

I am just about done with my decorating, we've had the tree up since Thanksgiving weekend...
I hope you are enjoying this holiday season as much as I am.

Many blessings



  1. What a wonderful, fun-filled, boisterous, happy Thanksgiving you had! Your shop is just beautiful, Rebecca. I hope you are having a wonderful, blessed Christmas season, too- xo Diana

  2. There's nothing better than celebrating with family for holidays. I know what you mean about being all together - it just warms your soul.

    Everything looks wonder in your booth and your home. Love that gorgeous tree!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Your home looks beautiful, Rebecca! Just like a card with the snow fall. I like that you even include your studio with the lights. Glad to hear you have been enjoying family. I'm looking forward to my son coming back to visit for Christmas and having both my kids together with us for the holiday.

  4. Hi sweetie! I just love seeing pics of your kid's kids!!! A beautiful bunch! I totally agree with your sentiments of having them all home. When they leave I find the craziest stuff under sofas, chairs, tables etc...and it makes me smile. Your home looks lovely all lit up. And I can't believe all the great stuff in your space a the market!!!!!!
    have a wonderful weekend R.
    much love...

  5. It makes me so happy to see you living large...and I do mean large. The family, the food, the lights...perfection
    Your space looked fantastic, but please don't make me say which thing I loved the best...loved it all...especially the hands that worked so hard putting together such a glorious presentation. That's what I call a Christmas pageant.
    I love you and miss you,

  6. Your booth was fabulous and the house great. The little one with the dear antlers precious. Enjoy the holidays. Di@Cottage-wishes

  7. Absolutely Stunning! Th recreated vintage lighting is outstanding!


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